Best speaker cable for audio physic padua speakers

I am currently own a pairs of AP padua (bright speaker). These speakers are great, clean, strong mid and high range. But I am dis....about low range (lack of bass). Someone told me that it might be speaker cable. I upgraded many s. cables:
Cardas Golden cross
Harmonix hs101
Tara labs the one
XLO limit
MIT 750
All cables would not help much warmth sound. are anyone having same problems? Is it due to speaker cables? and is which s.cable out there can help to improve the bass?
Cables are not the answer. What amp are you using?
try ART/Yamamura cables, many people were using the AP speakers with these...also MF from stereophile...
I am using:
Cary 303/300 Cd player
Cary SLP 98L Preamp
Pass Labs x250
Taralabs air 1 ICs

Speaker cable are vary brand. All give beautyful sound on Mid and High range. But there is no energy on the bass.
Speaker cables would hardly give you an added amount of bass. It may make it more clearly defined, which in turn might lead to either a tighter perceived sound in the lower end. However, it's not going to magically give you that extra extension you want. All depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which includes the room your system is in (which I suspect might be it).

BTW, I run a pair of AP Tempo IIIs and they can be a bit shy on the lower end. That's because my room is fairly large and it's on a suspension floor.
Try Transparent cables (Super or Ultra with mm-technology). I used to have same kind of "problem" with AP Virgos few years back, but Transparent ultra speaker cables changed everything. They were great combination.
The Padua will produce fantastic, tight bass...they are very capable at the bottom end. The trick is in the placement. If you don't have the luxury (room) of following the Audio Physic technique, experiment keeping the speakers wider will magically see the bass show up! These speakers are fantastic...
Maybe you should give MIT a try. I once bought Magnum3 sc to combine with B&W 805 Sig monitors and these MIT's 'produced' a wonderful bass (my amp at that time was Plinius SA201 solid state. I had to sell them when I moved on to Kharma floorstanders (too much bass).
I agree, cables arn`t the answer. I would look at your amp, and get somthing with a little more bloom and warmth at the lower end.
I use a 35w valve amp, and have no shortage of bass.
I agree with Camadeco. Bass requires lots of energy which tube amps being voltage device tends to be weak in this area. Even with solid state amps, I was missing lowest octave below 40hz but corrected this problem when I got dedicated 20 amp isolated ground circuit for each of my amplifiers. So, before you look at subwoofer to correct your problem, get your fundamentals right.
I get superb results from Shunyata speaker cables with my AP Avanti Centuries.

You probably know this already but it bears repeating: placement is critical with Audio Physic speakers. The AP nearfield guidelines are pretty much on the mark - at least to get started. Gauge your current setup versus those guidelines before you look to buy a solution. Here's the link: Principles and Techniques of Speaker Placement