Hdmi causes crosstalk between external preamp sources

Here is my system 

i have a very unique setup and an even more unique problem. 
First let me outline the connections. All components power connected to synergistic powercell 

preamp is t+a p 3000 hv

Av processor is Marantz av8802a. Video sources connected to Marantz via fibre hdmi are appletv and wolf audio luna media server.  
Marantz is connected via fibre hdmi to lg oled tv. 
Marantz preouts are as follows:
1)front left and right via xlr to t+a preamps surround bypass input 
2)center and tear surround via rca to McIntosh 7106 multi channel amp

T+a preamp connected via xlr to sanders Magtech amp 

so here is the problem. I can hear other sources that are playing through the surround channels even when the t+a is on a different input source. 

For example i can hear the hdd in the media server working in the center and surround channels even  when im listening to my dac. 
Take the hdmi out and its gone. 
Now if i use a cheater plug on the wolf server it masks the problem but id prefer to get to the bottom of it all and truly solve the problem. 
I will say that the lg, the Marantz, and the appletv are two prong devices. And the wolf has a separate power supply with an iec that could be swapped for a two prong. 
Im wondering if i should connect all 2 prong devices to a power strip on a separate outlet. 
Any ideas?  
The crosstalk is likely caused by the AV receiver not fully isolating the inputs from each other. Can you power off the sources not in use?
@noromance yes. That would work, do you think I should try other hdmi inputs ? 
Also why would i be able to hear my appletv in my vinyl source or my dac in my apple tv if they aren’t even connected to the processor... its very frustrating 
@noromance im just speculating that because the only devices with two prong power cords are the tv, the home theater amp, the processor, and the apple tv. And these are the devices that i am hearing in other channels. Besides being two prong they are all interconnected with hdmi. Its just a guess 
If it were me, I’d disconnect everything one at a time until the issue stopped. Then plug the offending item back and see if the issue comes back. Once that single issue is, um, singled out, you can do more targeted troubleshooting.
I suspect the issue is related to configuration with the Marantz AV8802a.  I have an 8801. It has been some time, thankfully, since I have fooled around with configuration settings on it, but memory serves I had somewhat similar issue years ago.  I suggest taking an extended look at the individual input sources and assignments you have configured in the Marantz as well as the Input Mode for the assignments.  You may also want to discuss with Wolf Audio on this as well, since they offer more than 2-channel audio via their products, and the configuration matching with the Marantz may be playing a part.

You have some very nice pieces.  T+A gets excellent user reviews.  I too have a Sander's Magtech and have been very pleased with performance and support.  Roger Sanders is a class act.  I am musing about what direction I may pursue for server upgrade and Wolf Audio has been one on my radar.  Best of luck in resolving this issue.
@azwill i cannot recommend the wolf enough. I thought my set up couldn’t get much better and I was definitely wrong. The soundstage is incredible with the wolf.