Please help. I have crosstalk...

In my bedroom system,I have an Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp with my T.V. plugged into aux and cdp/DVD player plugged into CD.When I have a CD playing,but setting is on Aux where T.V. is, I can hear the CD coming through.Is there anything that I can do to eliminate this crosstalk? It's not a major problem, but psychologically, I know the crosstalk is there. Thanks for your recommendations.
How loud is the CD coming through relative to the TV ? I once had a terrible crosstalk problem until I discovered I'd accidentally plugged the CD player into the tape-out (reaching behind a cabinet in the dark). Once I'd corrected this the crosstalk went away.
Now I can never detect even the slightest hint of crosstalk, so your situation seems a bit odd.
I checked the connections and they are correct. The CD is coming through at very low level and only then when the T.V volume is off and the ARC volume is cranked.
Maybe try a good power conditioner?

I remember hearing somewhere that crosstalk can be a result of dirty power carrying reflections from one piece of gear to another. Havent verified it myself, could be total BS, but might be worth a try.
If it's only noticeable when the volume is cranked up then I'd say it's probably normal for that amplifier, and may be as a result of how they do the source switching, and / or the layout of the traces on the PCB.
My guess is you'll have to live with it.
You could always try connecting the CD player to the tuner input and see if it's any different .... it may be that crosstalk levels varies between channels and the aux and CD is the worst. Just a thought.
Thanks Sean. I would imagine that you are right. I had read that some of the earlier ARC models had this minor problem, so I might contact the manufacturer to talk to them about it.I appreciate your input.I can live with it if I have to. The sound of this little integrated amp is something special.
Sherod: Sometimes using "rca shunts" on the unused inputs can solve this problem, sometimes it does nothing and sometimes it makes things worse. For the cost of some el-cheapo Rat Shack RCA's and a bit of solder, you can find out for yourself : ) Sean

PS... These only go in unused INPUTS !!!
Good idea, Sean. I'll give the RCA shunts a try.They should make a slight improvement at the least.
Sherod: Just wondering if you had a chance to try the shunts out and if they helped at all? Sean
Yes, Sean. Shunts worked. Unit is very quiet these days. Thanks so much for the info.
Sean, I'm guessing that the shunts have the effect of tieing internal PCB traces to ground which will offer some increased decoupling between non-grounded traces ? I can't think of how else they'd work.