HDCD list..........

Hey guys!!!

Does anyone know where I can find a list containing the complete selection of HDCD's available?? I checked HDCD.com, but I have some of the titles on there, and they aren't HDCD's!

I was just wondering if there was some kind of HDCD master list out there??

Thanks guys!
I think that website contains the definitive list available on the web.
Are you sure you haven't got early examples of those particular discs?
If you give some examples perhaps Audiogoners can help

Thank you! I don't recall all of the titles, since they are at home. I know of one for sure that was on the list, and I have, which is not HDCD. I doubt anyone has it: It's DJ Keoki / mixed.com. It's a compilation of classic club hit's from the early 90's. I bought it brand new in California in 2000.

...I'll do some research to see if maybe there where two different releases....

thanks Ben!!
try HDCD.com that is pacific micrsonics web page
also amusicdirect.com will list by HDCD as a catagory
Some CD's with HDCD tracks do not say they are HDCD anywhere on the packaging. These are still listed on the HDCD website.
..that's true...but......when I play that CD, the HDCD indicator never comes on.....


..thank you!
It won't be a HDCD then-I take it other discs cause the indicator to light up?
I have a CD that is not labeled as HDCD but the light comes on and they do sound like HDCD. Bonus?
Viggen not that uncommon I think, I sold my HDCD DAC a while back but there is a few in my collection like that-Dave Brubreck's Take Five was one.