Have Mac mc 60 - need Mac premap - suggestions??

Am new to this stuff - have yet to earn my audiophile stripes, but I am trying - most importantly I am having fun and really enjoying getting back to a way of life that I enjoyed 40 years ago...

I bought a super clean pair of McIntosh MC 60s... why - because I wanted to, I love and collect antiques, I was told they sound great, and they are cool as all get-out...

I now need a premap - want to stay tube, but want to use this stuff - want it to sound great - either Klipsch Heresys or Advent Large at the other end... a B&O 4004 turntable and Revox B-77 will be the sources - will want to add a cd soon...

Any advice as to what I should be looking for in the way of a McIntosh premap?

You didn't list a price limit. Look into the C2200 preamp; an outstanding pre. Only available in the used market and there are a few available on A'Gon.
well I spent quite a bit on the MC60s - and that has put me into a hole as far as stereo purchases go - was hoping to find something nice in the $2,000 and under range - was looking at a couple of the c-22s here - there are also a couple c-26 and c-28 models here and on eBay - while they are not tube - they too are cool looking - I could buy a tuner and preamp for what a lot less than what a c-22 would cost any thoughts about that mixture - how would a combo like that sound? I could satisfy my OCD and get the system up and running and then upgrade to tube later - don't know????
C-20 there is one for sale on the gon right now.
I recently bought a used C220 from Audio Classics. Love it! It's my first McIntosh unit. Audio Classics is a great place to shop for used Mc gear, too.
Get an MX110 "Z" series and have it updated by Terry Dewick or Audio Classics.