Amplifiers for KEF Blades with Cary SLP-05 premap.


I am setting up a stereo system. Thorens TD126 with TMC63 MC cartridge -> PPA990 head amp -> denon X6400H as phonostage (looking for a dedicated phono stage), Cary SLP 05 preamp, looking for amp recommendations ->KEF Blade (original).
Room dimensions are 13'Wx8.5'Hx28L with two openings 4' and 10' along the right wall. 
I really like the tube sound. I listen to mainly Bollywood and Tollywood music (Indian). 
I am considering CJ ART275 (11K pair), CJ LP260M (9K pair), PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium or Premium HP, Cary 500.1 monoblocks (3K for pair).
I will consider other suggestions as well.
I am looking to buy used.

The Art Audio Jota HC with 300 BXLS tube will produce 24 wpc, which is plenty of SET power for your Blades. I went the website for Art Audio USA, and it looks like the Jota may have been discontinued. If so, I'd look for a used Jota HC.

i heard Blades sing at the dealer in wine country - Healdsburg, CA with Conrad Johnson gear.....sweet matchup

Is there a difference between the CJ  ART275 and CJ LP260M. Specs and tubes are the same..