Good 2 channel premap with HT bypass

Looking for 2 channel preamp recommandaions with HT bypass. I read on Audiogon that there is no pre-pro out there that can match a good 2 channel preamp. I have been looking at an Arcam AV8 prepro, and Arcam states that in direct mode, DSP is turned off and the analog signal is passed unprocessed, with the power supply operating via a self-generating clock. Arcam states it is the best preamp they make. Still I would like options, my speakers are Heron i's, and I was told they tend to sound better with tube gear. One question, can I control the volume of the HT with just the prepro if I have an HT bypass in the preamp? I see Supratek has an HT bypass any others? My system may look something like this when done.
prepro = AV8 Arcam
Amp = eVo6 mono blocked into rears and CC 350 wpc 8 ohm
Amp = VTL or Rogue for the fronts
Preamp with HT bypass = Supratek or other
speakers = Heron i's fronts and bookshelf for rears, and sometype of matching sub.
dvd/cd player = right now it is a Sony from best buy. May upgrade player or buy a Electocompaniet DAC or other DAC as upgrade.
Maybe I will like the sound of the AV8, but hard to tell until I get it hooked up. I have auditioned it at a local dealer, but it sounded a little boxy. I think it's due to the speakers they are running them through. They were not the best. Thanks to all who respond to this thread.

Hello. Your post says a "good" preamp, which opens the door to many such units. I can personally recommend the Muse Model 3 Signature, a SS unit, which offers a clear, smooth, dynamic sound, excellent bass, and an HT pass through. This unit also mates well with the highly regarded Muse cd/dvd units, like the 9 Signature or Model 10.

You said a tube pre might go better with your Herons. BAT and Sonic Frontiers both offer high quality tube preamps with HT pass through, as do several other mfgs. A lot of people also like the Supratek you mentioned. I am sure you will get other recommedations as well. PS> if you are interested in the Muse units, e-mail me. Good luck-Tim
Also check out the Audio Research LS25B MkII, and the Pass Labs X2.5
Indeed, I believe all of the above mentioned pre's have "bypass". I am familiar with the LS16 AR preamp, which has the "bypass" as well. And yes, you simply use your volume control on your pre/pro in "bypass" mode on your preamp. Infact, it's usually the only way to control volume with this feature. You can use a dirrect auxilary input on many preamps for a pure pass through, with gain availble. You simply set the pre at around 12oclock, and use the pre/pro's volume. Still, the best is to use "dirrect bypass" and similar.
I used to run the L/R out's of my AV pre/pro into my passive 2 channel preamp's auxilary input, and it was superb! So there are options. good luck
Well........ my Adcom GFP-750 also has a home theater pass thru, and I happen to think it's wonderful. If you want a solid-state model that has both active and passive capabilities, remote control, balanced inputs and outputs, and the capability to use aftermarket power cords and so forth, and not cost a lot of money, then you could take a look at an Adcom GFP-750 and see what you think.

Good Luck........