Has anyone tried these on regular floorstanders ?

SVS Soundpath isolation feet on floor standing speakers?
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I've tried so many things, let me make it good and simple. If you want a really nice easy to hear better in every way isolator for speakers or anything else, and price is a big factor, then get Nobsound springs. If you want something so good it is like a whole speaker, system, and room upgrade and can afford to spend more then you want Townshend Podiums.


Nobsound are around $30/set, Podiums more like $2k. In between are a whole slew of things that cost way more than Nobsound but are hardly any better, if that. Don't kid yourself, spending $100 or $200 or even $300 is no guarantee you wind up with anything better than Nobsound. Or if it is, it will be only slightly and in one area or another, not clearly across the board better. 


You can also make your own springs, but this will be a lot more time and trouble and in the end not save much if anything over Nobsound. Those are your choices. You can look up the price for Soundpath and decide if it is worth it for how good they look. Get a set of each and see.

Listen to MC on this, he knows of what he speaks. I have Nobsound under most components now. Townsend podiums are not far off in the future.

I've got a couple of Slinky's, 

Will that work???