Has anyone tried the new Shunyata interconnects?

Has Anyone tried the Black Mamba , Python or Anaconda interconnects from Shunyata?
The Shunyata web site has a discussion of the underlying technologies used in the new Anaconda and Python signal cables at:


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I will be getting mine in a few weeks. If active I will respond after break in.

Other than some small amount of info on their website, I haven't heard anything anywhere about them . No reviews or anything.
I have the black mambas on order - PCs, XLR ICs, SCs and jumpers. I was able to do a comparison with Kimber Selects (1021 and 3035) - which were wires I was seriously considering. After the comparison, I changed my mind.
I'm very sceptical about interconnects that cost that much , but then I said that about there power cords before I bought seven of them .
I have the new Python interconnects and speaker cables. I was very skeptical as well. They are more transformative in my system than any single Shunyata Power cord and I own the Anaconda CX's. I hear increased transparency, detail, bass, better PRat, etc. I've never heard cables do anything like what they do. That's just my experience. People owe it to themselves to audition them.
For those on a budget, do not disregard the earlier generation Shunyata ICs, as the remaining new stock is being steeply discounted by Sanctuary of Sound. If the newest design betters them, Shunyata has done quite something!
It's always a good idea to take advantage of discounts on older lines when Shunyata releases an upgrade. I never auditioned their previous wire.

I *will* say this: the Pythons utterly destroyed my previous reference cables, which cost $2K for an 8-foot pair. I'd say it was like going from zip wire to my reference, but that wouldn't be true. It was more like going from a low end cartridge to a top-of-the-line Dynavector. It's too bad they couldn't come up with a way to disguise these cables in a big metal box because it's hard to believe mere IC's and speaker cables can yield the results I'm hearing.
Shunyata signal cables may be the best kept secret in all of wiredom. I applaud cyber-scientist Gabriel for relentless pursuit to state of the art. Though not yet hearing the newest cables, I use the full Shunyata loom and the previous Aeros line is special good.
I am also interested in any comparisons between the new Shunyata interconnects and earlier generation such as Aurora and Stratos.
Nothing I have tried so far is as musically satisfying in my system as Teo liquid STD mkII interconnect.
I am considering comparing Shunyata(old or new) to my Teo so would be interested to hear others thoughts on them.
According to Shunyata, even the the new Black Mamaba IC's are a major step up from the Aurora and Stratos...at a fraction of the cost. The Absolute Sound will be reviewing the Anacondas in the February edition. Galen Carol Audio, the Cable Company and Music Direct all have loaner/return policies that only involve shipping costs (usually $30). The buzz (and i concur) is that these wires are game changers. Only your ears will know for sure. Hope you get a chance to audition them.