Has anyone tried the Cardas Parsec speaker cable?

Lots of discussion on the interconnect but anybody try the speaker cable? I have kimber 8vs right now!
Maybe they're so new that nobody here has auditioned them yet.
Best bet is to use the lending library at the Cable Co.


I can tell you that the ICs have good detail with the right amount of warmth, whereas other Cardas ICs are much more colored.
I also have a couple pairs of the Parsec IC's which I like.

Would like to hear the Clear Sky IC's
I have the interconnects and speaker cables and they're amazing!!  Perhaps the quietest most neutral cables he's had to date.  The bass is amazing too.  Fuller bodied and detailed.  Vocals are astonishingly transparent.  LOVE this cable!  A sleeper, and more affordable than others in the line.