Has anyone tried out new Mapleshade speaker wires

Has any one tried out the new Mapleshade speaker wires? and if so what is you listening impressions? as their pricing is quite reasonable and how do the PLUS versions sound? I know Mapleshade recommends single wiring but my speakers are at their best bi-wired as they should be. The community's help would be welcome.
I would like to hear some input on this also, particularly on their Plus versions of the Clearview Double Helix speaker cable, the Clearview Excalibur Ribbon interconnects, and the Clearview Double Helix MKII power cords. Thanks.
I want to bump this back onto the screen since I too am interested in Mapleshade's speaker cables. In particular, I am wondering about their Golden Parallel for my rears since they will need to be 45-50 feet long.
no, but I am very curious as their theoier make sense yet have many research claims. I have excellent background in math and physics and am curious by it. Never tried the electronic. I like the silclear and the spray (optix?) , but the polish is too turtlrwax (and intentionally similar I believe. My point tho is if you run mapleshade from the front page you will find some products. I saw a couple wires of various type on sale, including some inexpensive versions that I may even try to at least get a feel for their product. And please post results. May even want to cantact some of the sellers even if not the precise product you are considering. If you know their line already, and it sounds like more than I, I apologize if I sounded arrogant when I know shi...about their cables. Bon chance. Ed
I have a friend that is using their speaker wires and he is very happy with them. I think they are decent wires for the money, however they seem to fall short in that last 10% of "Magic" us Audiofools seem to constantly be seeking.

Example, the Soundstage is there but not really vast or deep, imaging is decent but has some smearing. Also, they seem to lack a little slam and dynamics. At least for me.

They seem to be somewhat similar to the Speltz Anti-cables...at least from the info provided on the website.

However, the Mapleshade wire is silver plated copper. For some reason I was under the impression that plating copper with silver was for oxidation protection and not that great for sonics...but I don't know that to be true for myself.
Has anyone ever listened to any Mapleshade cables? Curious.
I have a pair of their most basic speaker cable ($85), and they are the best I have used in my system. I have had them for about 3 years now, and I will think long and hard before I replace them. The soundstage I get is very deep, and imaging is great. They are also very fast and uncluttered, compared to conventional thick, more complex cable. I will either step up to their top of the line speaker cable, or move over to Silent Audio speaker cable.
I too have the basic Mapleshade Double Helix cables and am also thrilled with them. I've had them for about a year, and in my system now exclusively for several months. They are very fast, clean, energetic, and very punchy and defined with the strongest deep bass I have heard on my system. The richness of the music makes me smile. The soundstage is a bit less than before, but I think its because the instruments all sound more focused.
The cables might not match well with bright systems, but the high end is very clean and articulate. Pierre says there is no breakin, but I've noticed some mellowing of cables with time (good for my system).
Would love to hear some specs as well! Thanks!
They are very good wires....great lateral spread, a little two dimesional and they will not not shine the best in medium priced solid state systems. However they are fast, clean and have good bass response. They are also a very good buy and Pierre Sprey is a very bright individual and a great empirical audio tester! He also has integrity which is a plus in this day & age. Are there better cables? Yes..for three ...no maybe four times their price. PAD Aqueous anniversary are MUCH better, but they cost 4X the price. MY system Maggie 1.6's, Monarchy dac 24, Nuforce 9.02's and a panasonic 52s as transport. Hey isn't this hobby cool!

Best wishes

What do you mean by "they will not shine the best in medium priced solid state systems"? I was looking for speaker wires for my Harmon Kardon receiver in my small 5.1 home theater. How a low priced system? Thanks.
I have the $85 speaker cables for my fronts & center in my HT system and they perform well there...

However take my update with a grain of salt as the cables they replaced were typical "crap-o-matic" issue.

They are mated to a Yamaha receiver and Paradigms (The Atoms & CC-150, specifically).

My all audio rig is a major jump from there but I never tried the 'shade cables in that application... too lazy, I guess.

Good Luck!
Pierre is a legend in his own mind !!!!! Just ask him ....
I am using the Golden Helix Plus version. I like them better than XLO Ultra6. After using the mapleshade cables for 2 months, I put the XLO cables back in the sytem. More bass, but it seemed to color the midrange. I put the mapleshades back in and there they have stayed.
I've had the golden helix in my system for a couple of years, and found it to out perform all of my cables costing thousand of dollars more. Now I'm using thier mikro mega planar five speaker wires and ebony interconnects. The soundstaging, speed, low level detail is unbelievable. The low level detali is so outstanding that I'm selling my Jm lab sub be. A $6000.00 1000 watt active digital subwoofer. Thats how good the stuff is. music lovers, YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!
I'm now using mapleshade's mikro mega planar v speaker wires. they are very fast, music sounds alot more live, extremly bettered bass aticulation. associated cables are mikro mega ebony interconects.