Concierto Speaker Wires, Heard of them?

I want to know if anyone has used or heard of the cables by Concierto. I couldn't find much on the web about them. From what I have seen, they look very beefy and well constructed. But I want to know how do they sound and do they live up to their high $$$?
I've heard OF them, but not heard them. Someone who posts here or on audio asylum has them. Do a search and I think you'll find his comments. Good luck
they are excellent i had the violin speaker wires and interconnects and know i have valhallas they are both detail, solid bass, conciertos have better center stage are they worth the big price tag,if your are paying for copper silver and teflon no wire should cost more than a few hundred dollars, but if you enjoy the sound you grind your teeth and you pay, enjoy the music

I just got a pair of Concierto Violin IC's. I'll be testing them over the next couple of days between my source & preamp and also between my preamp & amp. I'll post my first impressions of them later this week.

I just replaced my RSA Poiema IC's between my CD player and preamp with the Concierto Violin IC's and here are my first impressions of the Concierto's:

Clearly there was an improvement, the voices were cleaner and clearer with better imaging, overall a warmer and less strained sound, the background was queiter and I was able to hear more details. A very nice sounding IC!

The Poiema's are really good (and fit my budget) but the Concierto's take it up to another level. If only I could afford more Concierto's.

Thanks Mike on your first impressions on the Concerto. So far they have improved your system, so that is good. Keep us posted as they burn in and as you get more familiar with them in your system. I am looking into getting some for my system when the itch to upgrade cables needs to be scratched. :o)