Has anyone experimented with switching the Havana

Has anyone experimented with switching the IC chips that come standard with the MHDT Havana for the PCM56P-K version for example, and if so what was your findings? I am interested/curious in regards to any benifits that may be had in the doing of such. Thank you!!
No, but I had to replace the PCM56P-K chips in my early production Havanna (solid top, no logo) because the chips were defective and made clicking sounds. It was a very easy operation. Let us know if you do.
Peter, In having switched out the chips I've noticed a sense of greater seperation of and around instruments within the soundstage, increased airiness of the high frequencies. and just an overall better sense of all that was there originally having been increased. Of course YMMV due to differences in our systems.
What did you switch out the chips for?
Peter I'm one of those curious audio/music lovers. The day can be going along fine, music flowing sweetly and serenely, and than of a sudden I'm wondering how this or that may sound under different circumstances. Thus my having swiitched out the chips. It was quite easy, cost effective, and overall a wonderful upgrade, results being even more than I expected.
I did mine as well. It was a really solid improvement. Gives a better sense of resolution and just a better overall soundstage. For sure it would be one of those things that you don't notice until you do it, and then you can't go back after you do.

It was not hard to pull the old chips out and replace them with the new ones, either.
No - that's not what I'm asking! Which chips did you put in the unit??? :-)
Peter, excuse me I misunderstood. I'm prsently using the PCM56P-K chip with very good results. Having purchased four for $20, ( from outsource.net ) the results far out weigh the cost an time. But of coarse YMMV. Cheers.
Sorry - I must be confused. I thought the original DAC comes with PCM56P-K chips... When I have a chance, I'll have to open mine up to see what is in it.
I thought the same also, upon inspection my DAC had the PCM56P chips. So after a little research I discovered that the -K was a better sounding and more linear chip. Once in place though, there was an immediate difference in my system, difference being a more inviting soundscape and sound.
I'd be curious if anybody knows any similar inexpensive tricks to try for the mhdt Paradisea or Constantine DACs?
Yes, it is not the chip model that changes. It is the grade of the same chip. The ones in mine originally were "L" grade. They can be bettered by the "J" grade and the best is the "K" grade. They are the same chip but when they are made they are tested and sorted by performance.
Hi Jd_df,

Also, I found these chips at a couple of other sites including ebay but they are about $17.00 ea. I'd love to get 4 of them for $20.00!

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My previous post prior to the one above did not show up for some reason. I went to (outsource.net,) but it sends me to a different website (outsourcetelecom.com) instead and it doesn't look like this company would sell chips. Is this the correct company? Like I said above, I did find the chips a couple of places at $20.00 each.
I just got the K grade versions got a noticeable improvement in clarity and cohesiveness.

I got them here for $13.59 each + shipping + tax:

No soldering required!
Thanks Eugene81 for the info. I just ordered a set and am looking forward to trying them out.

Gregg, my apologies for not getting back with you sooner, was off the grid for a while. In any regards, at the time of purchase that outsource site is what I used to acquire mine. I'm glad Eugene81 was able to help out, I've also gone there to order some more, and hope to be enjoying the change soon.....

Hey, no problem Jd_df

Thanks for your input and response. I recieved my chips yesterday but have not had time to put them in.

Gregg, I'm glad you were able to get them. They made a readily appearant difference once in place. So I wish you nothing but continued growh and pleasure with your system.