Harmonic Tech Vs Acoustic Zen

I have been back and forth with this. I need to know which company has better sounding cables, Acoustic Zen or Harmonic Tech. I know Robert Lee was affiliated with HT, but does his new line surpass the infamous Harmonic Tech? Their methods are the same, so what makes one better than the other (or not)? One item in particular is the HT Cyberlink Platinum coax Vs the Silver Photon. Thanks!
Bob, I own a AZ silver photon and used to own HT cyber Platinum, not really fair comparsion since Platinum is $250
and Photon is $99, but I thought Photon was superior and tremendous value! The AZ Mc2 is a fairer comaprison at $300, and it is a step up from Photon in all respects and is my digital cable of choice at this price range.

The AZ satori speaker cables are very good and better than
HT pro 9, and great buy at $600 for 8ft pair, put on short list to audition from Cable Co.

The AZ ICs are very expensive $500-1000 pair, and although better than HT Truthlinks and PS II they should be at 2x the price. AZ needs an entry level IC at $250 price to round out cable line IMO. Many will not be able to afford AZ
interconnects, although used AZ copper matrix becomes almost affordable at @$300.

Have not tried power cord, but the AZ speaker cables and digital cables are great performers for the price! If you want more in depth info on any one cable please start new
thread, good luck.
I have owned HT Pro 9, Silway 2, and Pro 11 AC. I now own AZ Satori, Silver Ref interconnect and Krakatoa power cord. In my opinion Acoustic Zen is WAY better that Harmonic Tech, not even close. In fact I think it is possibly even one of the best period. I recently compared the Krakatoa power cord to my reference Powersnakes King Cobra. The Krakatoa blows the King Cobra away in every respect, in fact you would think the King Cobra is a piece of junk after hearing how much better the Krakatoa is. The Silver Reference and Satori are much better than the Quattro Fil-SPM, NBS Monitor 2, and Silversmith Audio cables. All of those cables are rather expensive compared to the price of Acoustic Zen. Either this cable just synergizes perfectly with my gear, I am crazy or it is one of the best kept secrets in Audio. I have been cable shopping/buying for over a year and have owned over 10 diffrent brands, some very expensive and have not had near the satisfaction and enjoyment from my system since the Acoustic Zen cables have been in. I'm sold.
I agree with Ejlif about AZ being better than Harmonic Tech cable. I think Robert Lee saved his best work for his own company.
Ejlif I am very interested in your experience with Krakatoa
AC cord, especially in light of the fact you owned Shunyata
KC and prefered the AZ Krakatoa. Have you tried the Tsunami
AC cord? I've been thinking of trying it since price is very
reasonable at $350 if it performs anything like Krakatoa,
could be a big winner. I would be surprised if it wasn't good as the digital cables and speaker cables are superb.

I wonder if new HT "magic" cables close the gap
and are close to performance of AZ products? Have not heard any myself.
where do you go on the web to get info on AZ products?
Kira AZ product line-up

Please bookmark www.google.com this is the best search engine by far, can find your info in a flash!
I have used the HT Cyber copper and the AZ Silver Photon and, IMO, the AZ Photon is the better sounding cable. Both are at $99. ea., but picked up AZ for $89 shipped.
The HT copper was good, mind you, but I just prefered the Photon.
Never tried the HT Cyber Platinum, so perhaps I am off base with my comparison. Anyway, my .02


I spent quite a bit of time on the phone today with Acoustic Zen.

While both use continuous crystal copper, Robert Lee's designs at AZ are new, and quite different from those he used at HT, and are yielding better results. He is rather secretive of them though, as he doesn't want them copied.

Jeff Delman