Harmon Kardon + TV = no sound after 5min

I have a Harmon Kardon AVR300 receiver hooked to a Sony TV - when I try to listen to the tv through the receiver I'll get about 5-10 minutes of audio and then the receiver will shut off....if I am just playing music through a CD player or tape cassette this does not happen. Any idea why my receiver is cutting out when I run the tv audio through the receiver???
It seems as though your receiver must have some sort of thermal overload protection or short circut protection that is shutting down the amp section. Maybe there is a short in the interconnects between the TV audio out and the TV input on the HK. I would try swapping out the ICs with ones you know are OK. Otherwise, you may need to give us more info on how your HT is wired up.
I have seen a similar problem, it went away when I put an isolation transformer (Available from Radio Shack) between the Cable TV Antenna connection and the TV; apperantly a groudloop issue in my case.
sounds like the receiver is trying to tell ya what it tinks about tv. i wish i could figger out how to get *our* tv to do that! ;~) sorry, couldn't resist...

doug *don't like video* sedon