Harman Kardon AVR 7300 vs Marantz SR 8002 - SQ

Has anybody heard these two AVRs and can share their experience? They are both older AVRs but in the higher end league, both good brands and famous in reproducing "warm" sound, beside H/K has better current amp section for low impedance (4 ohm) speakers and is more powerful.

Which one sounds better for music?

Appreciate hearing your experience. Thanks.
Which one sounds better for music?
I assume you are talking about 2 channel music as your posted this in a sub-forum that predominately is about 2 channel equipment.

If so, I would think neither would sound better for music. They're AVR's. No matter which has the better power amps inside, their 2 channel preamp sections, even in so called "pure direct" mode, are merely an afterthought.

AVR's are designed for multi-channel digital formats and not 2 channel stereo.

If you need an AVR for the former, then I would say the HK if your speakers are demanding. If they are not low impedance speakers, then the Marantz because it has HDMI inputs and can handle the more recent, uncompressed codecs. I would also suggest you post your question in the HT sub-forum as it may attract responses from actual owners.

If you not interested in HT and only 2 channel stereo, then stay away from both and look at true 2 channel components. Good luck!