Hardwire speaker driver connectors?

I just had a tweeter go out on my Acoustic Energy ae2's and replaced it with a spare I had. I noticed that the drivers have the slide in clips to connect the wires that lead to the crossover. Wonder if any have tried to hardwire/or solder their drivers to the wire leads, and if so to what benefit. Ive read of the benefits of direct connections, wonder how they may apply to speaker drivers.
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My Infinitys now has soldered connections. And AQ 99.9999999 copper wires (did job at LEAST 5 years ago, no problems) Sound better too.
I guarantee that if you go to the trouble of soldering the connections you will somehow hear an improvement. If you were to do a blind AB comparison, I doubt you would hear a difference and the hassle factor involved if you pop another tweeter should weigh into your decision. Also, if you are not careful and good with a soldering iron, you will be sure to damage the drivers, especially the tweeter.
Assuming you don't mind doing the work(and this post means you don't), any REASONABLE person would not damage the tweeters. This is the way I install drivers. Solder will be better than what you have now. Better still would be butt splicing the two together. It is the manner I use. The "real" crimper I use(discussed in a recent thread) forms a cold weld. Superior to solder. And not possible to ever damage a tweeter. If you were really [lazy/poor/untalented/didn't have materials/etc.], you could either use a wire nut or electical tape. Simply cut off the connectors(which you would do for solder or butt splice anyway), strip them, twist them together, and install either the wire nut or electrical tape.