Hardwire your amps to the panel.

Excuse the relative simple question but with all the money we pour into power cables, and with good results, why not hardwire everything right to the fuse/breaker board? Any issues with this other than permanence, cost, and warranty voidance?
It a code violation to have a device (amps) without disconnecting means. You can if the circuit breaker is within line of site. Breakers can be use for disconnecting means. My guess is the electrical panel is not in the room.

This type of connection also voids the listing of the device. If the amps catch on fire due to an electrical problem your insurance company does not have to pay up because of the code violation and voided listing.

I do not use after market power cords. I use Carol Cable which is designed for extension cords. It’s UL listed and can gotten at the big box stores along with listed connectors.
yes in addition to the caveats Vegas mentions, you would not realize any of the sonic enhancements that aftermarket cables achieve. Basically you are missing the whole point.
Or even better, why not use solar power, fill up huge batteries and then run them directly into the DC of equipment. I tried to convince some manufacturers to help with that and they looked at me as if I were insane.

The bottom line is that certain custom solutions make a lot more sense than the norm. For example, there is zero doubt that a well designed active system will always outperform its equivalent passive system But it is impossible to make this marketable given the tweaking predisposition of our sport but also dealer networks, capabilities of manufacturers, etc.
Not to mention your breakers aren't meant to be used that way.--Plus you'd have to clean the contacts on a very regular basis.--Line of site or not.