AR LS15 pre anyone changed hardwired power cord?

I just realized the power cord on my LS15 is not detachable. The stock is 16gaugex3. Has anyone bothered to change the PC and to what result?

thanks everyone.
I have not done an LS15, but I put an IEC on an SP9 with very good results.

Using a budget CPCC "High Value" cord rendered the system smoother in the trebel, yet with greater detail and extension. The bass is improved in terms of texture, extension, and solidity. The sound stage became more distinct and three dimensional. These improvements were very similar to the effect that upgrading the PC on the CD player yeilded, but to a slightly more subtle degree. It was again,similar but not quite as dramatic as repalcing the AC outlets feeding my system with cryo treated Hubbell's.

I have little doubt that given the proper power cord that the LS 15 would respond in a positive way to this mod as well. It is my understanding that some LS 15's had an IEC installed from ARC.

Can anyone out there tell me which of the LS units came this way from the factory? It looks to me like some LS 8's and all 8 mkII's had it. Was it from 98 on? I assume that all the LS 16's have it along with the LS 25's, and the Ref2. I am also interseted in which LS models came from the factory with InfiniCaps?
I believe that the later LS15´s have detachable power cords.
Maxgain ... my apologies, but what does CPCC "High Value" cord stand for? Thanks, Rich
Rar1, sorry for the coded message.

CPCC is short for "Custom Power Cord Company". The "High Value" is their entry level power cord that recently had the price reduced from about $150 for a 5' cord to $100 for 6' and under. These guys make some spendy stuff too that seems well liked(like the Top Gun, which you may have heard of). The "High Value" works quite well and was a good way to experiment(sort of a good way to get my feet wet before I jumped off into the deep end)with a new power cord. I have not been able to afford to try any of their upper priced cords yet. I found this cord to have a sound that improved the system in a way that was easy to identify. I have tried one other budget power cord that some here like and found the difference to be very subtle and hard to put your finger on in my system.