Harbeth SHL5 placement

My main listening room is 24' x 14' x 10' (length, height, width). I had my previous speakers along the long wall about 30" away from the back, and a loooong way from side walls. There is an open kitchen area behind the listening position which effectively makes the room wider than 14'.

I've just purchased a pair of SHL5's. Is it generally recommended that the SHL5 be placed along the long wall, rather than along the short wall i.e., "shooting down" the length of the room?

Also, is there somewhere one can obtain a copy of the owner's manual for this speaker (PDF is fine).

Thank you!

fwiw you mean (length, width, height) I am sure...
Oops, you are correct. I'll try to fix it.
I would suggest that you place the SHL5s on the short wall. 14' width is more than sufficient to fit the SHL5s.

The owner's manual is just one to two sheets of general notes on speaker placement and the usual stuff. There is nothing to worry about if you don't have one.
Yes, skip the manual, if you'd call it that...you can download it off the Harbeth site.
I would try both walls, but my instinct is the smaller wall will be best. I think the Harbeths benefit from sidewall reinforcement.
Thanks for your responses. If I were to place the speakers on the short wall, what do you think is a reasonable maximum distance for the listening position?
In my experience 7' to 8' from front baffle of speakers to the listening position. Further away and the SHL5s will struggle when listening at higher SPLs. I concur with Chashas1 in that the Harbeths do benefit from side wall reinforcement.
Short wall would be my choice. I used my SHL5s in a room 14.5 X 19.5 X 8 and found the short wall to be more to my liking. I had a different take on seating than Ryder. I was 12-13 feet from speakers and sound was great. That said, i also tried them in a small nearfield setup and was really impressed with that too. So I wouldnt worry to much about how far you are from the speakers.
In a bigger room and a listening distance of 12-13 feet away from speakers the sound will be more expansive. As Tom_Hankins had pointed out, you shouldn't worry too much on how far you should sit from the speakers. Stick with the configuration that sounds best to your ears.