hanss turntables

I'm wondering if anyone has heard the Hanss turntable, notably the T-60. I saw and heard this table in Denver and it seemed to do quite a lot for it's asking price.
It was tough to tell how good it was in the context of the room however.
I'd like to be able to compare it to a quality reference table.
I didn't hear it with same cartridge/arm/associated equipment (a near impossibility)but the dealer and I were mightly impressed. The dealer also thought it was ultra close to the Monaco table from Gran Prix (which I've heard too) and I would agree that it seemed remarkably close for the money. Really it is unbelievably cheap for the performance. Nice motor controll too.

Looking forward to what others might say...
I have not heard the T-60. I have extensively heard the flagship model above the T-60. I am not certain of the model number. The flagship is excellent. A monster table in size and weight built from the floor up with its own stand, triple split magnetically rotated platter. I don't know where you live, but Stereo Unlimited in San Diego is a dealer and has all the tables. If interested, call them and ask for Bruce. I agree, while I have not heard the T-60, it is a wonderful design and if it is 50% as good as the flagship, its low retail is just crazy.
The flagship is called T-90 and will in Europe set you back $52,000 plus tax...

I am considering the T-20 and am pondering which arm would be suited, maybe a Mørch DP-6?
It looks like the Hanss tables are very similar or exactly similar to the Amari line of tables. Has Amari been around for a while?
Amari Acoustics export division is Hanss Acoustics

Dealer disclaimer
OK everyone, I recently purchased a T-60 and have now had a bit of time to get to know her....If those who are still interested in my thoughts on this fine table, just let me know and I would be pleased to share.......
Please do.
I'm the owner of a consonance droplet lp 5.0 Mk2 (also chinese) and auditioned it (at home over a couple of months) against a sheu analog das laufwerk and an origin live sovereign, all of which are considered top turntables, and the consonance was comfortably the best performer - possibly due (amongst other things like the bearing, platter, plinth design) to the stand which, together with the TT weighs in at about 100kg. Tons of mass. Fantastic sound.

About the same price as the others but comfortably better overall.

So, I know what the best of the chinese turntables can do, and at ridiculously low prices for what you get.

So, spill the beans on the hanss then...
Sorry for taking so long to respond to this post. As a few of you are eager to know, I really like the Hanss T-60. At the price I paid ($5600.00 without tonearm), I consider it a bargain. The table was purchased from Brett at Audio 202 who is my local dealer. He is a great guy, and made a good purchase even better.

Overall the table weighs 130Lbs, and the platter alone comes in around 42 Lbs. Assembly is pretty straight forward, although two people are highly recommended for installing the platter.

I have paired it with an Origin Live Enterprise C tonearm (great sounding and beautifulÂ… but quirky), and a Clearaudio DaVinci cartridge. The Hanss is really well built and provides a solid/stable platform for spinning records. To provide some comparison, I will refer to another table I currently own which is a Basis 2200 with Vector 4 Tonearm and Calibrator base. The Hanss has a more authoritative weight to the tone while the Basis has a delicacy and refinement to the sound and attention to detail that is rarely found in any product.

The build quality and design of the Hanss are both excellent. I would give the table 9/10 and I am VERY picky. Physically, the design is gorgeous. The machine work and the lines are sumptuous. There are mounting places for two arms (a nice touch) and the Rega mount which I chose even has a built in (on the fly) adjustment for VTA. Compared to the Basis, to which I would give build quality and design at 10, the Hanss comes pretty close.

The motors and the external motor controller are built better than most components, and although I would prefer a better speed adjustment mechanism (this one requires a delicate touch to get close to 33.3333), overall it provides a reasonably good solution to speed stability.

The table uses two motors and six (yes 6 belts). To get all 6 belts in place requires some patience and a delicate touch. Once they are in place, you would be reluctant to want to move the table. Nobody makes belts with the tolerance of those manufactured by Basis, and given that one of the main jobs of a turntable is to spin the record at an exact speed, there is a good argument that anyone producing belt drive turntables should pay close attention to this detail. That having been said, the table provides good speed stability and this is easily confirmed by its built in speed gauge.

The table has a lot of features that I have grown to appreciate. There is some vibration damping using small clear resonance dampers in the two-tier motor assembly. Each of the three legs has leveling and vibration damping. The table ships with a beautiful level and a decent record weight (although I use the Basis clamp).

I have a few 20-30K tables, and while each table has its own strengths, this one is as good a performer as any of them. The table has performed flawlessly since its arrival, and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend it to anyone.
The Hanss T60 turntable looks like the Kronos turntable