Guitarist for Janis Joplin's Big Brother band dies

James Gurley, the innovative guitarist who helped shape psychedelic rock's multilayered, sometimes thundering sounds as a member of Big Brother and the Holding Company, the band that propelled Janis Joplin to fame, has died of a heart attack. He was 69.
Yes, he certainly rocked my (16 year old) world "back in the day".
Listen to "Piece of my Heart" on the "Cheap Thrills" LP.
Solid AxMan.
"Combination of the Two" is one of the best opening cuts on any album.

He's terrific on that.
James Gurley was on my first real rock record I bought as a kid in '69 - Cheap Thrills. I played that one to total destruction. May he pass and rest in peace and join that ever growing band of musical giants in the sky.
The guitar playing on Cheap Thrills was like nothing before it. A true innovator.
We must not forget,Big Brother and the Holding Company were big before Janis showed up.RIP James.
James was both a great guitarist (originally from Detroit) and an under
acknowledged musician of early psychedelia as was Big Brother and the
Holding Company, arguably more creative than Full Tilt Boogie ever was in
crafting a song but, not nailing it in the studio on the first take. One can see
what the Columbia stiff shirts liked and can only wonder how much longer
Janis may have stuck around, surrounded by James and Big Brother (her
extended family) IMHO.

I'm just listening to the Cheap Thrills vinyl (Columbia 360 Stereo, first press), "I
need a man to Love" and WoW! James will be missed.

Check out:

God bless you brother!, RIP