Great Amp Suggestion for Aesthetix Calypso

Hi guys, I need some responses for a Great Amp match for my Calypso. I'll be buying used and my budget is $2,500.00. Speakers are Snell Type Aiii, not very efficient. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I'd take a swing at this Coda System 100, you may be able to get it for $2500. Coda makes great amps, but are relatively unknown. They don't spend a lot of money on advertising. I'm currently running a Model 11, which is sort of like a System 100, with 100 wpc of pure Class A power, but all in one chassis.
The Coda is a nice choice. I will add these;

Conrad Johnson MF 2500a ( be sure it is an A version )
Monarchy SE160 hybrid mono amps

Best amp would be the Aesthetix Atlas stereo amp. I own it and it is wonderful. However the best used price I have seen is $4000.

The other amps can be had for under $1800.
BTW, I have no affiliation with the seller and I forgot to mention, I love your moniker Barfbag!!
I'm running Calypso with Kharma mono's, they work a treat. I've had for example the Dartzeel int and Jeff Rowland Criterion/301 in my system and while they're far more expensive I wouldn't swap mine out for either. More musical than the Rowlands and a more dimensional soundstaging than the Dartzeel.

They're not vastly powerful at 100w into 8ohm and 150 into 4ohm but they drove Wilson 7s beautifully, sorry I'm not familiar with your speakers.
My Calypso is running with two MacIntosh MC 275's in mono and they work perfectly!!