Got to open up my system today. Vandy Treo's

just opened up like I've never heard. The bass was there in spades. Tight and tuneful. I usually have to listen with the sound lower and they are very clear and dynamic that way, but when opened up a bit I was shocked at how the SQ of the bass and mid bass was. I played all types of music and most had some deep bass notes in them. I was able to hear it and feel it. I'm about to get the Quatro CT's as the carbon fiber tweeter is something special to me. I've yet to hear such a natural sounding tweeter. Too bad it's so costly to make as I'd die for all the drivers to be made of the carbon/balsa wood cones.

We have some great materials now to make some incredible speakers. I'm glad that Richard is still designing as too many of the Mount Rushmore designers have left us or are no longer in the business.
Is it possible the Vandy Treo’s just reached another break in plateau?

My speakers (NO other changes) went through multiple break in stages up to about 2200 hours.
Albert. you may be right and if so, wow. I also think that it's the first time that I've really opened it up. It just has sounded so great at realistic levels that I never feel the need to listen to it as loudly as I did as a kid. I'm glad I did. I won't do it that often, but being a former drummer, I need a speaker that is near full range or full range (this is why I'm going to upgrade to the Quatro's as soon as I'm able to). I just loved how right the bass was. I've always connected with them emotionally, but this was ridiculous in a great way, lol.

if they are just breaking in more, then I'll take it and run. First time that I listened critically, but that wasn't even my intent. It was just a fun day.
Albert, how would you explain this complex dynamics?
Does it only happen with speakers?
Got back from a Hotel California trip so cranked up some Etta James on the Hi-Fi...7's 24 on the ARC VC...( about 80 dbc in room w audiotools)

The Blat of the horns is great...

only 200 ish hours on them..still way inside breakin..

CT good ya w Quatro CT...i stopped by Bruces he has a pair in the high end room ..sounding very very nice...
If you want to hear another big improvement, get the Ayre 7 cd player to match your amp. The difference will not be subtle.
Tom, awesome. I haven't been back to San Diego since I moved in late 1986. I loved Bruce's store. Great guy and knew his stuff. That's where I heard Vandersteens the first time.

Z, I have heard the Ayre 7 many many times and it's a great player, but isn't not in the same league as my Empirical OSDE/SE and heavily modified Mac Mini with a jacked up linear power supply. Honestly I like the sound as good as the Berkley Ref or any of the DAC's I've heard up to 15k or so. Otherwise I'd probably own one, lol.
Sorry. I was looking at your system and it shows an Ayre 7 integrated and a Marantz universal player. I didn't know you had the Empirical. I've never had a chance to hear one of those, but I suspect its right up there with the best dacs. I like Steve N too. He seems like he's the type of person that will go out of his way to help you get the best sound.
LOL...The Marantz is hooked up to play BD on the TV up in my main listening area. I Sold the Ayre 7axe last year and got the AX5/Twenty the day it was announced. My unit was in their first couple they converted. Steve is a great guy. You have to spend at least 20k to do better than the OSDE. I use the Synchro mesh for my TV, Apple TV and other digital hook ups. That too makes a huge difference. I have gotten a few emails on the Treo's and I will post them for sale soon, but want to go through the guys who have already asked me about them.

Everything that Matt has said about the OSDE/SE is dead on. Matt and I seem to listen to similar stuff and like nearly all the same gear. That's one reason I got the OSDE. I listened to everything from Trinity to Berkley to everything else hoping to get something great used. I got the OSDE and it crushes anything in it's price range I feel. I do love Ayre's newest Headphone DAC the Codex, but I'm waiting for them to come out with a new DAC/streamer as that's where things seem to be headed for most and I know they are working on some cool digital stuff. Just so excited about being able to finally get the Quatro CT;s with balanced crossovers. Those are the true entry into Vandersteen's upper line speakers. From what I've heard they are so much more than the Treo's and these freakin Treo's just nail things and pull you in. They've been so dynamic that I love listening to music on Sunday morning when everyone else is sleeping. I have Noble IEM's that are killer for late night listening, but I can play these Treo's so low and still enjoy them.