Got NBS Omega I cables - Shunyata Hydra now ?

I'm using powerchords, interconnect and speaker cables from NBS, model Omega I. I'm thinking of buying Shunyata's Hydra-8 and therefore I will have to buy another powerchord for the Hydra itself. What should this powerchord be ? NBS states that all the cables of a system should be, in my case, Omega I due to "synergy". Would that be a good match for the Hydra-8 ? Shunyata has got its own cables...and if I should use Shunyata's cable, which one would you recommend and why ?
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I have been using NBS Statement in many links of my system for the last 5 years. However, I have also tried and had great success with MIT 350 Evo ICs, SilverAudio tonearm cable and now just recently, Coincident TRS spkr cable. There is a whole lot more to synergy with sources, electronics and speakers than focusing on the same brand of cables, much less the same model, throughout your system.

As much as I very much like the NBS due to how it portrays the dimensionality in the music, I am finding that too much of it has indeed caused a side-effect of loss of detail. I understand the Monitor and Omega series to be not as warm as the Classic series, but still, I suspect there is an NBS "house" sound.

There is a trick to balancing the system to maintain the tonal coherency, resolution and dynamics in the music but to not also lose the portrayal of space, decays, etc. Each of us is at a different point on this scale so only you can determine what power cord will work well by trying some others vs. the NBS you already own. And when you borrow a couple of these, try them in other links while you have the opportunity.

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Tvad, does this sound familiar? Mike, I was just referrencing a thread where we were talking about the same thing. Now that you are getting into treating your electric as a serious fundemental component in your system (which it is) I would, firstly, go with two dedicated lines to separate your digital and analog. This is an excellent start that will yield you tympanic tingles. I use a Hydra on my movie system, but prefer Audio Magic. If Hydra is the way you want to go, then get two of the smaller Hydras: one for each outlet. The ONLY way to truly isolate your digital from analog. You won't look back. Power cords (and it has been said) are personal and require experimentation. I wouldn't get nuts about outlet to Hydra power cords. Hydra to components should be the best you can afford. Especially to your digital. Happy listening warren :)
Hello Jafox, Tvad and Warrenh
thank you for your replies.
The main problem is that it is almost impossible for me to audition the Shunyata or NBS here in Switzerland ! There are no dealers, particularly for Shunyata. In other words, I would have to take a plunge and then either rejoice or regret my selection.
As for a dedicated AC line, I've got one for my system, but the CD player and SS amp. are sharing it (in other words, not ideal). On top of it, I've got a hifi fuse (copper) servicing this AC line and all plugs in my system are Furutech (rhodium). So, I've done quite a lot, but it is still a "halfway house". What I'm missing is power surge protection and, based on my one-time opportunity I had to audition an old Hydra-8 with Omega 0, a more "liquid" sound, I mean as relaxed as listening to music around midnight. But because we are talking of serious amount of money (around USD 3'500-4'000) I want to make sure I've got the best for this price point.
Finally, I was told that the Hydra-2 would not yield the same result as the Hydra-8, so it seems the Hydra-8 is the way to go, unless I take a different approach and get the PS Audio 500... tough call !

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Every manufacturer (my experience) recommends their own power cords (if they make them)for their power condtioner. Synergy? $$? Wouldn't you do the same? Hydra 2 and 8: same thing. Two outlet vs eight. I'd go with two Audio Magic (in your case 2 Hydras) to two dedicated lines. You're not even close to isolating those digital nasties from your amp. As far as the safest/judicious powercord route? I'd go with Tvad's advice and see how happy you are with your rig.
To Warren and Tvad....the Hydra 2 and 8 are *not* the 'same thing'. While I am not directly intimate with these two models, a friend auditioned both of these and found they sounded differently, primarily because the 8 is the model containing the granular FeSi material....the 2 does not. That material, of course, will affect systems differently, and some may prefer it, some not. I also believe that Shunyata recommends placing the 8 on a platform, off the friend used a Seismic Sink for this purpose, and he stated that "everything" did sound better this way.
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I recently switched power conditioners. I went from a Richard Gray to a Hydra 6. I have also switched all my power cords to shunyata. I now have blacker backgrounds more resolution, bigger sound stage and a more musical system. I like the python on my amplifier but i live next to a hill that is filled with transmitting stations. The python is not as well shielded as the typan but my dealer is comming to install an aftermarket shield on the cable. I have not heard nbs power cables but i use their interconnects and speaker cables