Got my amp & speakers. What SS pre? $600 tops

So I have a small recording studio and know alot about that end of audio and what makes a item solid and well worth its money. So those basics I realize translate into the construction of stereo equipment.

I have a Dynaco Van Alstine Ultimate 70 tube amp that I will be pairing with Von Schweikert VR-1 nearfield speakers. Will be using a B&O MC turntable. I have don't mind buying a turntable and have a few Audiometrics phono preamps I can use.

I have in mind either a Yamaha C-2, Proceed Pre, or Nakamichi. Both of which I can get for this. Maybe a Sony Esprit if I am lucky. Should I be looking at these models. I will be playing everything from jazz, metal, hip-hop, soundtracky stuff. So it will be quite a mix. Just would like what is the clearest. Hate the idea of any EQ. So no tone controls the better. Do these have as good of staging as a Classe or a Audio Resource.

What cool esoteric brands/models are out there? This is my first real home stereo and want to make it unique.

Thank you very much for your time
The Yamaha had a stellar reputation back in the day, and it's built like a tank...

If you like tubes try to score a Bottlehead Foreplay preamp. I've read great reviews about them and they can be found for under $600 used from time to time here.
How about a B&K Pro 10 or MC101. I have a MC101 and for money spent ($275) truelly hard to beat. They typically go from $275 > $350. Much better made than some preamps I paid considerably more for.