Got a Thorens TD-147.. Questions?? Comments????

Hello Everybody:

Guess what??? I am now officially into analog. I have bidded on a Thorens TD-147 Belt-Drive Turntable on "E-Bay" this past weekend, and as it turns out, I am the winning bidder of this turntable. I didn't pay a whole lot for it either. I am going to pay about $85.00 plus packaging and shipping. It comes with a cherry wood (or rosewood) plinth. It is a suspensioned turntable with the removable wand type tone arm so that you can change cartridges (which is what I intend to do as soon as I get the phono stage). And it comes with a dust cover. The caveats are that the AC plug has separated (easily solved....... going to take it to my local used audio store to see if they can get a replacement), and that there is a crack on the dust cover. Oh....... it will also come with a cartridge. I don't know what the cartridge is on the turntable, as they did not talk much about it on "E-Bay", but I guessing it must be a cheapie or something. It's not the turntable that I am going to ultimately end up with in the next two years or so. But the idea is to enter the analog arena right now, as soon as possible, and start enjoying analog/vinyl right away. And with the Thorens TD-147, I am now able to do just that. It may not be a Rega Planar 25 or a VPI Aries Scout/JMW-9. But hey, you have to start somewhere, don't you??? My goal still is to end up with a Rega Planar 25 or a VPI Aries Scout/JMW-9 within the next two years (when by that time, the phono stage and the rest of the system should be in place by then, and my system should be close to completion by then, which ultimately speaking, is my goal)

So now, what do any of you think???

Do any of you have any questions??? Or do any of you have any comments??? Or, are you going to congratulate me, or what?? :)

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Atta boy, not a bad table at all! I agree, pick up an inexpensive Grado and let her rip (no pun intended). Your next purchase needs to be a record cleaning machine, either a Nitty Gritty or a VPI. You current collection will sound much better and last much longer, and the garage sale vinyl will need a good scrub before it's worth throwing on the Thorens. Analog requires a bit of work, but certainly worth it! Welcome to the dark side. Jeff
My father still has his Thorens table. It's about 25 years old. I don't know the model number. But I know it still plays reliably and sounds pretty good too. As Jeff implies: "You've entered the dark side--there's no turning back now"
To Viridian, Jeffloistarca, and Rives Audio:

Thanks to all who have responded so far. For someone who has been mostly digital all of his life, getting into analog may prove to be a refreshing experience for me. Hopefully, it won't be too intoxicating. I have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a CD collection that has taken roughly 20 years to build, and I definitely don't want to see that collection go to waste. So, even though I may new to analog right now, digital will always have a place in my life (and my audio system as well). A significant purchase CD Player (which is going to be a SACD Player) is going to be in the cards in the near future so that I can continue to enjoys those CDs. But make no mistake about, analog is going to have a place in my life too. After my Thorens TD-147 arrives, the next purchase will probably be a Grado Prestiege Gold (depends on whether or not I like the sound), and then record cleaning machine after that (all of which will take place after the Monolithic PS-1/HC-1 Phono Stage arrive. That's going to be the next project, with a Marantz 8260 SACD Player or a Sony DVP-S9000ES to follow closely afterwards). I think that combining the Thorens TD-147 with something like a Grado Prestiege Gold will give me an analog front-end that will be good enough to bide me some time so that I can start saving up for the Rega Planar 25 or a VPI Aries Scout/JMW-9 next year or so.

Now that I have secured a turntable, now it is on to the used record stores (and there are several of those in my area, so I am very fortunate) to resume my vinyl collection and watch my vinyl collection grow.

Man......... analog's going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the advice, fellas.

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A great table-I recently purchased a used 160 super-I bought it because it has the same arm I'm using on my new (2000-2001) Xerxes 10-the Premier MMT! I can swap cartridges, listen to a 'linn-like' deck, etc., etc. Plus, it has that great LP-12-like Rosewood base. I too am a bit worried-the power supply that comes with the table is a bit touchy-I've e-mailed Thorens asking for replacements, but never received any return messages. The table is nice, and you should hold onto it even if/when you 'upgrade,' because it will always be a nice backup-and that auto-lift at the end doesn't hurt either.
Just as a note of caution, being that you have always listened to CD, you may be a bit sensitive to some of the record noise that you will encounter on used records. You will get used to this as time goes on, but it can be minimized with good cleaning, and better TTs and phono sections as you upgrade your rig in the future. Don't let the noise put you off. It is the worst with bargain records and lower cost TT's and phono sections. It only gets better as you go up the line, including musically.
Again..... thanks for the latest tips and all. All that I really need right now is both, a phono section, and some record cleaning machinery. In getting a record cleaning machine, if I ever get a chance to do that, then I don't believe that even getting "bargain" records should be a problem then. In fact, the challange of getting the records to play in pristine (or in "close" to pristine) condition is probably about half the fun in going to analog in the first place.

But now, after I upgrade my Thorens table, I may go ahead and keep my Thorens then. And this is going to take place after upgrading to a Rega Planar 25 and either a Grado Sonata Reference or a moderately priced MC pickup (just in case the Grado doesn't work with the Rega, as that was often mentioned here on these boards).

And then again, as I am getting ready to get married, I am now saving up some money, and what I otherwise going to spend to buy me a Monolithic Sound PS-1 right along with a matching HC-1, and then a short time later, a Rega Planar 25, I am going to spend that money on an engagement ring. So, in hindsight then, my pursuit of analog (and my audio hobby in general) may have to be put on hold momentarily.

So.......... that's the story for right now. But thanks for the comments anyway. I appreciated all of those who have taken the time out to comment and encourage me on.