Good tube pre-amp for Rotel 1090 with Thiel 3.5s

I am used to tube gear (Cayin and ASL) but I need more power for my Thiels. Any ideas on a good tube pre-amp with Rotel amps?


Buda, Depends on what tonal qualities are important to you and how much you are willing to invest. Also, do you have any specif requirements of a pre-amp, i.e. phono stage, remote, HT pass thru, etc. Care to comment?
Anthing very smooth and rounded. The Rotel and Thiel are going to be very bright. Perhaps and older Conrad-Johnson or, better yet, Cary Audio. Good luck.

In my opinion a Conrad Johnson PV-10B would work nicely in your system. I had one driving my Thiel 3.6's in a medium accoustically damped room for about a year and really enjoyed it. The PV10 pre was used in conjunction with a CJ MF2500 amp, audioquest cables, and SCD-1 CD player.
You might check out Audible Illusions Modulus. They mate nicely with Thiels.

Thanks for the help. I would like to use the amp with a NAD542 CD player, no phono, HT? - it would be nice to expand later. My Thiels are running on a Cayin T30 with suprisingly good results. The sound quality is spacial, warm, and easy to listen to for extended periods (not bright at all). My system is very pleasing 90% of the time but sometimes I would like a little more volume and a friend of mine runs his 3.5s with a Rotel 200w amp and a SS pre-amp with good results. I don't want to leave tube gear but I can't afford 100 watts of tube gear. Have you had any success with the hybrid integrated equipment? Is it worth looking into?