Good Semi-Automatic Turntable

I'm helping out a friend who is interested in adding vinyl to his system, but wants the tonearm to pickup after play. Are there any good TT's with this feature that would cost between $200 and $600 used (including tonearm)? Maybe a Thorens? Thanks for any advise.
An older Harmon Kardon T-60 would be a good choice.

But there are several auto-lifting mechanisms available that can be added to almost any manual turntable for about $40 brand new. The Expressimo Audio "Lifter" is one of them.
It is user installed in about a minute or two, with a self-stick feature, that adheres to the plinth. That opens up the TT selection to just about anything in his price range.
Tom, just curious, would the "Lifter" work on the configuration of a Teres (for my own use)?
Yep. No problem. Goes right on.
Dual made some good TT like that. Maybe a CS 505 would do the trick for you.
Oracle Alexandria, I really doubt there's any other that compete under $1000. $600 should get you an Alexandria, invest in the pickup of your choice. No, mine's not for sale!
You can probably find a decent Dual for under $100.
Look for an AR-XA and install a Lifter. Trouble free ,built like a tank, heavy platter, great arm, quiet, reliable and can be modified easily- A NO BRAINER. Under $100. When and if you wear it out, toss it and get another one. There really aren't any semis I would recommend.
I recently picked up a Thorens TD320 on ebay for $199 + shipping. Its sound is extraordinary and it has auto-lift and shut-off.