Good quality wireless, active speakers ??

I have a SONOS system, with 2 small speakers, for our casual setup.  I can move the speakers to the basement, garage, or kitchen and listen to streaming music.  It is awesome and I love the convenience.
The speakers sound nice for what they are but, are not audiophile quality.

 My dilemma is my main 2ch system.  I have a Nuprime IDA-8 integrated amp driving large speakers.
They were great in our large old house but, we downsized and moved into a smaller house this summer and the rooms are much smaller and running speaker cables from the amp will not be nice looking at all.
I'd love to replicate something like the SONOS speaker system for my main 2ch system but, would like better audio quality.  Any suggestions or recommendations?


Audioengine models get consistent high praise and offer good value. I’ve heard them and liked them.

Dynaudio Xeo another I would exxpect very good results with but have not heard.

This is an emerging category of products worth keeping an eye on and expect many more options in the near future as well.

I have a Harmon Kardon Onyx Studio Bluetooth speaker that was very affordable and is just awesome for its size and cost.   I'd love to be able to run a stereo pair though somehow.
Meridian has been a leader in actives for decades. Personally, I'd reprioritize. Cheers,
Hmmm ... Unless I use SONOS speakers, I'd have to create another wireless audio "ecosystem" in my house.  It will be like using Apple and Windows computers in the same house.  Certainly doable but, not the ideal situation.
albeiro, depending on which way you go, I don't think it would be a big deal at all to run something else alongside SONOS.  

For example I run two wireless streaming solutions concurrently to stream to a variety of devices including my good in home hifi systems and remotely to various wireless devices (including computer in my office at work) over internet:

1) older Logitech Squeeze System (wifi)
2) newer Plex  (wifi  and Bluetooth)

Each works different and has different features to learn but no problem running both concurrently.

If you wnat a single solution, don't see why you could not continue to use Sonos devices.   You might want to run an external DAC  if the sound quality is not up to snuff out of the box.

Peachtree has a new active speaker comming out with built in dac called the m24. Also check out Vanatoo transparent 1's.