Good AV Receiver with good AM/FM reception.

I currently have an Arcam AVR200 that is excellent for music and movies but the tuner section is pretty much useless. I get some FM stations but AM, forget it. I have a cheapo mini Onkyo receiver in my computer room that pulls AM & FM really well.

I've tried antenna's and even made a DIY antenna. Still nothing.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
I have a Marantz sr9300. I use a radio shack passive antenna. I guess it's actually a tv device with the rabbit ears. Placed in the corner on top of sheving;it gets all my stations.This was my FIRST remote fm station,changing device. I have a good fm tuner.I seldom use it. Pretty much the only fm I listen to is Sun.morning Beatles. We have 2 stations doing this;at the same time.--one show is 8-10 the other is 8-12. Just about never miss this.
FM/AM tuners categorically in most A/V receivers are going to be at best "after thoughts" and in worst cases "complete jokes." I doubt you will achieve much better than what you can with a decent vintage tuner and a roof-mounted aerial. Are you opposed to the idea of a separate tuner with a roof-mounted aerial?
If you are really into radio, you should heed Arocs advice. I bought a vintage Kenmore tuner for $300 that smokes any receivers tuner section.

On the other hand, even your receivers tuner performance should improve greatly with a roof antenna.
It appears I will look into a roof or chimney mount aerial. I listen to mainly College FM stations and one local AM station. Hopefully, a good aerial will help the receivers limited capabilities.
i have always had to listen to am radio on a clock raido or my realistic sta-12 i got at a furnature store for $5. but my new onkyo ts xr 702 does suprisingly well. have to leave my amp off for am though. just the cheap antenna that came with it works ok but i am looking at the fm antenna sold by c crane radio. $20 or something like that.

you might try some different antennas first but i am very happy with the 702, user friendly and powerful. much less noise than my old hk avr. if you have a little more money to spend, integra dtr 6.5 is a more refined verson of the 702.
Tony54- was that a vintage KENWOOD tuner or, as your thread stated, KENMORE tuner? I did'nt know Sears ever sold Kenmore tuners. Of course, I had a Ted Williams lawn mower, so maybe so! :)
I can tell you that the Aragon Sound Stage does NOT have a good tuner. I sold a Fanfare FT-1A when I got the Aragon and have been kicking myself ever since. What makes it somewhat okay is the fact that I have gone to satellite radio and it was a great choice. Unfortunately the compression codec for satellite radio is not very good so for quality sound it is lacking. But the content is such that I have been listening to radio on a regular basis now. I would suggest going with satellite and a pre/pro with treble & bass adjustments to deal with some of the satellite deficiencies.
You'll have a hard time bettering the Arcam's excellent sound quality for music/movies ( with any of the other receivers suggested and I agree BTW the tuner section is not great).

Try a good antenna first. If you still aren't happy with the AVR200's tuner, buy a vintage tuner on eBay - check out the tuner info page website for suggestions, cuz there's scores of great sounding inexpensive tuner to be had cheaply.

But try the