Better AM reception.... any ideas?

From time to time I want to just put a ball game on the radio in my listening room. I've an Anthem AVM20 with a built in AM/FM tuner. I use the 'loop' antenna supplied with it and its mounted on the back of the cabinet that holds the other gear - two 4 channel amps, sat receiver, dvd, cd, a center speaker and a Sony LCD rear projection T.V. Any ideas for better reception? There is always that AM static type noise in the background, ok on strong stations and much more noticible on others. I live in Miami but not on the fringe. I figured I ask here... someone always seems to know! Thanks
Well, the truth is that most AM sections are mere afterthoughts on Stereo FM tuners and a frequently much less sensitive than a good table radio or your car radio. Additionally AM signals are sensitive to interference and the signal strenght which can very depending on the time of day. A long wire outside antenna might help some. Also, having a large loop antena which you can turn to orient it to the direction of the signal can help quite a bit. (I think these can be purchased from C Crane Co. The also have a twin coil ferrite antenna which is tunable and is also interesting. Your experience is fairly universal, though and there are few miracle cures.
The ARRL amateur "ham" radio manual can help you out with the plans to build a longwire AM antenna. You'll need some room in your yard and a tree or pole for mounting. If you don't wish to go to that extreme then you might try lengthening the feedline on your existing antenna in order to mount it at a higher altitude.
Buy a Tivoli PAL. It's a pretty decent AM radio and a killer FM portable. It will probably pull in your station.
Take about a 20' or longer piece of insulated wire, extend it, and wrap about 3 turns of the wire around your present loop antenna so that it can be slid around for best coupling. Connect the short end of the wire to the ground terminal on your receiver.
Don Scott
I've a Tivoli radio (table top version) and it's AM section is nothing to write home about.
Thanks all...