FM radio quality reception

I know a lot if us(myself included) tend to romanticize the golden era of FM which would be the late 70s and like it or not the birth of AOR...I had a modest Sansui receiver, Dual TT, Advent set up...and as I recall...the sound was acceptable but not spectacular...flash today...and even with an equally modest office system...I find the FM quality to be far superior than my youth...virtually noise free, nice separation, etc...even when most current tuners are an granted...I have an 80s era Denon dedicated tuner that might have something to do with it...or is the hybrid digital/analogue signal ? Or am I nuts?( don't answer ....haha)
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Maybe you have better quality FM stations where you live now. Or maybe it's the absence of high frequency hearing...I love FM over modified 70's tuners...
Just a thought for my own curiosity, but could it be the lack/reduction of UHF and VHF channel broadcast due to digital TV? If I interpret what I have learned about FM and V/UHF through the years. That, they very close in bandwidth and maybe less pollution of overlapping frequencies allow the tuner access to a cleaner signal, resulting in better sound quality.
Again just a thought not an explanation, no science degree involved.
FM falls between channels 6 and 7.
Thank you J135, that helps me.