Good amp for B&W 683's

I've heard that Rotel products work well with B&W speakers....Anyone have other ideas or good input on this? Thanks!!
I've found Conrad Johnson equipment works well with B&W speakers.
You heard "they go well together" because B and W and Rotel have common owners and their dealers are instructed to sell them together.

I spent hours listening to them and ended up getting something else. For the price, there are, imho, many many better options.
Pass up the Rotel amps, been there. The 1095 lacks soundstage and imaging in a massive way.

Marantz is WAY better sounding. If you can cough up more dough, then go for the McIntosh MC501 monoblocks.
Some of the high end NAD amps will sound great. I don't own one but have heard them.

BTW, if you've not purchased the 683, I can think of other speakers in that range you may want to listen to. For grins, listen to a pair of Paradigm Studios. I don't think the B&W will do well against them. There are many others also that you owe it to yourself to listen to.

You may be able to pick up a nice paid of used 703s here for the same price or not much more.
hello, as indicate that you are intersted on rotel, so i assume you are looking for $1000 less amp, for that price range, i like classe, rotel , byston,, i think classe will offer the best of naturness and clarity in hi fi quality, good luck on your seraching
I run my 685s with a Rotel RB-1080 (200wpc), and at this price range for amp and speakers (under $1000 used), I have heard nothing else that convinced me to go another direction.