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On a mission for more BASS
Adding Paradigm Sig Servo 15 and finding a sweet spot made the large impact I was after. Need to do the pop corn test after strapping down the concrete foundation!Thanks! 
On a mission for more BASS
Great input!Peter, I like your kind of speaker! ( )f113's are in my future, mucho gracias!! 
Recordings with BASS
+1 "Bela Flec- Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" 
CD Ripping software
Accuraterip is the best for extracting the data from the disk. The developer(s) who built it went the extra mile for perfect rips. The problems I had before were skipping like sounds when playing back ripped content. That is now completely gone. T... 
Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II
Thanks for the input! The Owens Corning 705/703 seems like a good fit to reduce the sound going out into the neighborhood :)Looks like I'm pretty close to the minimum size for sophias, still need to find my tape to measure my listening room. Tom, ... 
McIntosh C48 and C50 owners-how good is the DAC?
Allen, sorry to hear about the disappointment. Sounds like something to return or exchange. Regarding the HT Bypass, what purpose would HT Bypass button serve in a use case?One case where a button would help (on remote) is if the user wanted to ha... 
Firewire to Balanced XLR Bridge
This thread is old, but I just wanted to state the problem of not being happy with the sound is gone now because of extra break in time using the USB port (opposed to digital coax-in). 
Snow Leopard and audio quality
ah, the x64 bit should have been next to the OS name. Sorry for that! I need to use a word editor for my posts :)At any rate, I was actually surprised (and a bit T'd) that I didn't hear a difference between Win7 and Snow Leopard since I ran out an... 
B&W 800 D or 801 D?
The local dealer here says the 801d didn't sell well at all. This is why they stopped carrying them. Perhaps that reason is also why its not in the lineup for '10. 
B&W 800 D or 801 D?
I wanted to buy the 801d's, just because I love the big arse speaker and love bass. After researching the 801d to death (not may customers have the 801d and post about them), not hearing the 801d and auditioning the 800d's, I bought the Wilson Sop... 
Snow Leopard and audio quality
I used iTunes (x64 bit). In the configuration settings for each OS, I made sure the OS (Leopard and Win7) was not doing any conversion by setting the audio output to 48kHz and playing WAV files ripped from CD.Also, iTunes has the EQ on by default ... 
Snow Leopard and audio quality
Win7 is on par with Snow Leopard. I just got through testing this with a USB Audio Research DAC7.I purchased the MacIntosh under the assumption that it would sound better than the PC with Win7, I can't tell a difference.Since the gear will make a ... 
Wilson Audio paint problems
Found this old thread searching on a watch center and wanted to chime in....My Sophia 2's are black and the paint looks like my dogs rear end!I was under the impression the paint would be super nice since Wilson touts the paint as well as the spea... 
Why nobody uses McIntosh with Vandersteen?
"Mac owners use B&W, JBL, Tannoy, Sonus Faber etc"McIntosh MC501 monoblocks with Wilson Sophia II's here (4 ohm), no thin problems. Isn't the "feature" of the Autoformer is to make the amp is compatible with more speakers? 
Good amp for B&W 683's
Pass up the Rotel amps, been there. The 1095 lacks soundstage and imaging in a massive way.Marantz is WAY better sounding. If you can cough up more dough, then go for the McIntosh MC501 monoblocks.