Goldring 1042 on a Rega P3 - Cueing Problem - Help

Hey guys, I've seen recent posts on the compatability of the Rega P3 and Goldring 1042 cartridge. I just wanna be clear on something. I did a search and found that some say the Goldring 1042 does not require a spacer under the RB300 arm. However, when I place the arm over a record the stylus sits on the on the record even with the cueing lever in its upright position (the arm doesn't clear). I did a search on this too and found some people (using other cartridges) simply adjust the cueing rest using the hex screw when this problem arrises.

In my situation I don't know what to do:

1. adjust the cuing lever ;OR

2. add a spacer.

If people simply adjust the cueing lever wouldn't you then have incorrect VTA because Rega optmised the cueing setting for their cartridge, so if another cartridge is added and you get my situation, you have incorrect VTA nothing else. Therfore adusting the cueing lever will just mask a VTA problem.

Any opinion or thoughts would greatly be appreciated as I am getting very frustrated and want to pu this to an end


P.S - I emailed Rega in the U.K and they said "although they haven't mounted a Goldring adding a spacer will solve my problem".

I talked to the needle doctor and they say "adjust the cueing lever".

I called and emailed a few more places and get different

I think something other than your cartridge is the problem. I have a P3 and a fairly "tall" Shure cartridge. With the cueing arm up, the cartridge is a good 1/2" off the record. This leads me to believe that something is amiss with your cueing mechanism.
The proper approach is to FIRST get the VTA where it should be. If that means using a spacer, use one. Then you adjust the cueing height to the correct position.
As far as I know Goldring is much taller than dedicated Rega cart or for example Benz MCGold/Silver which means you ought to use spacer or two whichever is the best for your ears.
Cueing mechanism needs servicing.
Does anyone know the height measurment of the Rega Cartridges?

Stop it! Increasing VTA, which is done at the pivot point, will not affect the height that the cartridge comes off of the record at when cueing by very much; and, if you think about it, will even make the cartridge slightly closer to the record when cueing. There is a setscrew on the plastic paddle that physically contacts the bottom of the arm when cueing. It is suspended on top of a metal rod that the setscrew contacts. Loosen the setscrew and gently raise it on the metal rod, then retighten it. Check to see if you are at the proper height and repeat until you have it where you want it. Having owned a few I can tell you that the Rega is a high volume production item and certain setting can be set at the factory with less than the greatest precision.
Viridian, if you place a spacer under the arm everything gets raised including the cueing mechanism. It will clear the record I'm positive. I see your point with the quality control at Rega. I'm just worried that if it was set correctly at Rega, and if I raise it I will then just mask a VTA problem. I do know this, the way I have it now, the arm is very slightly lower at the pivot point then the headshell when comparing it to the platter. If someone could tell me the correct length of there cueing mechanism (stock, not adjusted)when cued up I then can compare it to mine to see if I do infact have to adjust.

Dave, you are right about the whole arm including the cueing moving up on the Rega but the reason that the setscrew is there is that the height of different cartriges varies and this adjustment is independent of VTA. I do not know if it will be correct with or without the spacer, and different cartridges have different requirements. That's just why this adjustment is there.
Thanks Marty, I think I will need a 2mm spacer as well as adjust the cueing a little (if my measurements are correct).

Thanks to all for your help,