Goldmund mimesis 9.5 and Wilson system 8

Hi, I am auditioning a Goldmund mimesis 9.5.

I really like the sound of this amplifier. Powerfull and detailed but I'm no audiophile. I cannot find any literature on the amp. at all. I think it may be a peach but not sure. I would like some recommendation of other amps (solid state) of similar quality from those in the know (ML / Krell?)

Im concerend the amplifier is getting a little long in the tooth and maybe should be buying something a little newer, but there are rare and hard to find.

My budget is about USD 5k. Used, High End well maintained is my preference.

my system is 60/40 multi channel 2 channel

Classe ssp600 pre pro.
Wilson System 8 / Cub centre / bw 805's rear
Goldmund Mimesis 9.5
Theta Dreadnaught for centre / surround
Esoteric UXPI for digital

Cardas Cross for int/ speaker.

Any comments regardign the Goldmund with Wilsons or other recommendations would be hugely welcome as I am a new comer to high end audio.


I have a couple of thoughts but right off need to tell you that I know nothing about the Goldmund, other than a rep for making fine amps. The Theta is a pretty dark sounding amplifier and given that you listen to majority multichannel, I would try to match your amps as closely as possible. If not the same brand/line, something with a similar character. The Wilson's are super revealing and will show any differences in amp's character. The other thought I had relates to your concern that the Goldmund is getting older. I have found amplifiers to be long lasting and often my desire to change has more to do with wanting the latest greatest vs the amps performance. Many amplifiers from the 90's will perform as well or out perform a large amount of the current stuff being marketed. 15, 20 even 25 years if well cared for before any maintenance will be needed is not uncommon at all. Enjoy what sounds like a great system coming together!
The Goldmund 9.5's should @ 250wpc drive the Wilson's with ease, aplomb & authority.
Goldmund amps are known for speed, transparency & extreme bandwidth.
I hope you are auditioning them in your home & with your equipment.
If so, I think they'll impress you & get the nod.
Thanks I appreciate the feedback. There does not seem be many 9.5s around and if I pass, i may not see antoher for awhile. Do you think 5K is too much for a 9.5 (it was apparently overhauled)
The 9.5 can sound great.

But I'd DEFINITELY discover how service for it might be accomplished, should you need it.

I'd prefer to get it in writing, from Michel Riverchon.

Without that assurance, it's risky, regardless of how great it may sound.
Would you give the Goldmund the nod over a Krell 700?
I can also demo the mimesis 9.2 as well, though it has some scratches etc... Thanks for all the advice. I am to take it that there are soem reliability issues Goldmund?
My experience is that Goldmund makes great sounding amps that will need more regular and expensive service than a 1970's Ferrari
That is not the answer I wanted to hear. I live in Japan and anything of this sort is a huge hassle, not to mention twice as expensive.

Reinforces my sense that I should buy off here and have shipped to Japan..especially with the Yen at 83. It is very difficult to audition gear hear due to traffic and japanese customs. Thats why Im trying to go to those who know! what would be a good fit for the Wilsons. Thanks for your reply.
I didn't have any idea that audio was as difficult to audition in Japan as you recount. I was under the impression that Japan was a "last bastion" of a nation of audiophiles.
To answer your question I don't know the Goldmund Nimesis but agree with your conclusion that 5K is an awful lot to shell out for a used amp that old. The fact that it was "overhauled" speaks to either of two obvious possibilities. It's performance was compromised by old capicitors or worse, and this represents a truly miserable liablity, or a true fanatic was maintaing the amp to the highest standards. The likleyhood of either is difficult to assertain with any degree of certainty at this distance. However, you cannot discount that there is a clear downside risk.
You might want to weigh this risk against the veracity of the percieved culture of great respect for venerable gear in your country. There appears to be a strong demand for golden age hifi in Japan such as the JBL signature series of loudspeakers for instance.
If you are in Japan, I'd look for used Goldmund that is local to you and set for 100V. From a Google search it seems there are a number of shops that carry Goldmund. As for models, I would look for a Telos series amp, perhaps with a lower watt rating i.e. Telos 150 or 250. Or at most, get a pair of Mimesis 18.4. These are all much newer than the 9.5 and from my personal experience, quite reliable. I first tried Goldmund gear in the late '90s (Mimesis 29 was just out) and never experienced any issues. However, I take care (with all my gear) to power things down before disconnecting speaker cables, unplug interconnects that go into the amplifier etc.

Goldmund has an excellent sonic presentation- it reproduces attack really well, makes you feel/sense that you are enveloped by the music and offers a nice rhythmic drive. It does not offer bass slam and is not warm but it seems to reveal what is on the recording quite well - if the speakers do not put a harsh demand on the amp.

here some info about the Mimesis 9.5:

- 250 W/ch
- Mechanical grounding implemented
- Maximum voltage swing 60V peak
- Maximum 40A peak
- balanced / unbalanced seperate inputs
- Full speaker protection against DC and HF oscillation
- 4 seperate power transfomers
- seperate ground and earth connection
- Size 48.3 cm * 48.3 cm * 25.4 cm
- Weight 68 Kg

When prefered i have a copy of the Goldmund Mimesis 9 manual which works the same as the 9.5 and a scan of the original brochure of the Mimesis 9 and 9.2's.
Just ask when needed

Regards Jan
I have owned Goldmund 8.4 monoblocks for 15 years and have used them alternately with Atma-sphere MA1's on various speakers - currently Wilson Watt/puppy 8's. The Goldmunds work great with the Wilsons as you have already experienced - and I have not had any problems with them during the past 15 years.
One of the best Wilson setup I heard is a WP8 with a GOldmund monoblock amp Telos Series. I can't forget that glorious, out of this world sound!!
Thanks, I am still auditioning......and really like the powerfull and focused image. I can also demo the TELOS 250. it's twice the price, but a lot newer. I think I am settled on going with the Goldmund.
what is reallly killing me is that with yen trading at 82. my budget is up to about USD $7,000.00. I need shipping to Japan. I think I am over paying for the GOLDMUND 9.5. What do you guys recommend with my Wilsons for 7K +/- that would be newer and better?
Isn't a strong Yen really good? It makes US based items cheap. I'd look for Mimesis 18.4s, very good amps, newer generation than the M9.5. I sold a pair 18 months ago for about $7k and that is the going price more or less. There is a dealer in France that has a pair for a good price (Jefferson) on their website. You'll have to figure out how to use it on 100V. It was very good but I had the Telos 600 at the time which made the 18.4s redundant.

I'd also consider Mimesis 28 before Mimesis 9.5 for the price/age. A Spectral universal amp (that you can use with any preamp - but you still need MIT cables) also has similar characteristics to Goldmund (I have Spectral and Goldmund on hand right now).
Yes it is good. just makes me feel guilty about dumping my dealer here who has been good to me. THe domestic pricing is way out of whack due to this strong yen, and his prices are too high.