GOLD NOTE PA-10 amp anyone hear it yet?

I have been reading up on the new Gold Note PA-10 amp and it seems to have some very interesting tech and big power numbers from a none class D amp (of similar size to a class D). Tthe size is the same as the PH10 phono stage. I've seen pricing around 1300 euro so very interesting indeed. they even list a 2ohm load power rating of 300wpc. 75wpc into 8ohm 150wpc into 4ohm. bridgeable to 600wpc.

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Hey @glennewdick I've heard from a friend who got this unit and says it's really special. I own a PH10 so looking to hear it myself. Keep us posted if you do get to hear it.
I also have a PH10 one of the reasons I keep an eye on Gold Note.

ugh 6 moons. Ok thanks.

 I’ve always had issues with 6moons and their tendency to run at the mouth for pages and pages of dribble. Lol. 
Should I be concerned about buying a Gold Note PA10 from Italy now? A dealer has them in-stock and offering a good price.
no issues. just practice social distancing when they deliver it.