Has anyone heard the P2V2 Headphone Amplifier?

I have just purchased a Pocket Amp 2 Version 2 (P2V2) headphone amp from Gary Ali in Canada. This unit is a major sleeper! The Absolute Sound featured this amp in the October 2005 "futureTAS" section of the magazine. It sounds better than the Headroom Little / Premium Module Upgrade edition which I once owned. It is very quiet and delivers incredible detail, bass response, and just-plain sweetnes during playback. Best of all, it retails for $60 USD shipping included! Why spend more? Try the P2V2 and see what I mean. For those of you who read this and purchase one, please return to this thread to confirm what I've stated here. This is Audiogon at its best -- regular folks like me pointing others to a great audio bargain. You can check out the forums at head-fi.org for P2V2 comments. No, I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Ali's company, and I am not receiving anything in return for this 'product endorsement'. Just knowing that others will benefit as I have from this little gem is reward enough. Good listening! BTW, here's a link to Gary's website: http://www.electric-avenues.com/
Thanks for the heads up....very interesting. I'm ordering one this evening.
Danlib1 - Please be sure to share your thoughts on the P2V2 once you've received it. Good listening!