Goertz cables- any feedback?

for micropurl interlinks and m1 spkr cable?
Hard to beat for the money.A touch bright out of the box.A good 100 + hours of break in takes care of it.
I'm using the Micro-Purl interconnect. Very good cable for the money. It replaced a Transparent Ultra XL that cost 5x more! No regrets.
Been using Micro-Purl ICs for past 6 months and was quite pleased until I had a chance to audition NBS Monitor IVs. More of everything, particularly stage width and depth, great dimensionality of images, more "air" and layering, tighter focus and an even greater sense of "thereness." Fine balance and exceptional transparency. Nice wire, but then, ten times the cost of the Goertz. Can't beat Micro-Purl for the price, IMHO.
Got the Micro Perl and Saphire and the Divinity speaker ribbons. Love them all. Use balanced interconnects and they replaced Wire World 3x more expensive. Improved my system considerably. Can't say they are the best because that depends on your system. It made my SF Line 3/Krell/Thiel system sing...
I have a pair of 1m Sapphire XLR's available if anyone is interested email me at audionut@home.com