Feedback on Magnum FT-11

Hey tuner fans, I need a bit of help. I'm looking at buying an FT-11 locally in a pretty smoking deal for $220, but I don't want to jump at it just because "it's a deal". While I had mostly heard good things, the review at hifi choice is not entirely flattering of the sonic qualities of the FT-11 which has me hesitating and looking for more advice. I probably would be open to spending another 100 or 200 if it would bring a real leap in quality (this might get an FT-101). Can anyone give feedback on this tuner in light of today's offerings and what's available used in this price range (I know it was a longstanding favorite of stereophile)?

Does the FT-101 sound *much* better? How about the Pioneer F-93, Parasound T/DQ-1600, Onkyo T-4711, Nakamichi ST-7, or the Yamahas for comparison? I am assuming the FT-11 is better than these but haven't heard any of them. I am less concerned about sensitivity/selectivity than sound quality, but wouldn't want to give up too much of the former.
Oops, sorry bout the double post.
I have owned a 101a and the 101. I have also had the Parasound. I currently have a Quad FM4 and the FT-11. Without getting mushy about any of them here is MHO. First off forget about the Parasound. It is a very mid fi tuner and if you want something you can live with for a while pass it by. The Ft-11 is an excellent tuner IMO. I directly compared it to the 101 and could tell little difference. Compared to the 101a it comes up short but not by much. It is also much less money. The sonic signature of the 11 includes a great midrange presentation just like its more expensive siblings. Although the 11 does not look quite as retro as the 101 etc. it actually does have a few presets which the others do not have unless you get the remote for the 101a (more $$). Just as a sideline I really like the Quad FM4. Not as nice in the mids but a detailed and full function, nice looking tuner. From my experience I can recommend the FT-11 and at the price you quoted you really can't go wrong. Use the extra $$ and buy a ST-2 antenna. You would have a very respectable FM setup for around $300.00 If you don't want it for $225 let me know and I will take it for that price. Good lick and happy listening.
I agree with Woodfield. I do own an FT-11. I have not owned any of the other Magnum Dynalab tuners. Most of the tuners I have owned prior to this one would be considered mid-fi. The FT-11 is excellent--at that price you can't go wrong. I bought mine used, but paid considerably more. You might find it interesting to note, that tuners are the items held on to the longest by audiophiles. There's much less turnover there on the used market than with other components. A deal like you've found--well if I didn't already own one--I certainly wouldn't pass it up.
I bought a FT-11 two months ago and love it! Woodfield is right about great mid presentation. I also find it images well and is smooth and detailed compared to the digital mid-fi tuners I have always owned. Also bought the ST-2 antennae. I mounted it outside and got a big jump in signal strength, and no more background noise on my favourite stations. Nice and quiet.
If you buy it you'll probably start listening to F.M a lot more! Good luck!
Thanks guys, this really helps. I probably will go for it after all.

Anybody taken a listen to the ST-7? Does it get its reputation for sensitivity or sound quality?
Maybe a little late, but Woodfield summed it up well. I own the FT-11, and with the ST-2 antenna, it really is an excellent tuner-- much better sound across the board than an RD Denon. Excellent price too. Craig