God, why did I try my first LP = upgrade

After spend so many years in CDs, I finally decided to give a try on vinyl. I got one of the easiest plug and play Music Hall MMF 2.1 to begin with. None of my tube gears has a phono stage. So I hook it up with my vintage Marantz 2220B (build-in phono stage) and pair up with vintage Technics SB-A33 speakers. Run Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables between amp and speakers. After I tried my first LP, I fall in love with the sound of the music. Don’t know how to describe.
Now the problem comes, what should I do if I need to upgrade (already?). What is the best thing to do if I would like to pair up with my Maggie MG-III?
Currently using Minimax preamp with Exposure 2010 amp to drive Maggie (kind of low power rating but sweet sounding.) What will be the easiest upgrade without spend tons of $$.
Change a better turntable? Add a phono preamp (MM/MC)? Replace preamp with phono stage (tube only)? What is the best site to visit to gain more knowledge on turntable and cartridge?
My other tube gears are not suitable for Maggie but I will pair up my TT only with Maggie.
Your kindly suggestion is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot for your input.
You might not know how to describe the sound but we all know what you mean.

Seems like a phono stage is in order so you can get the tt into your main system, and then see how things go from there. It's over now - you got bit. Have fun.
just enjoy it awhile
I'd also add a phono stage next, then live with it a while. The Pro-ject Tube Box SE is a very good tube pre-amp in the $500 region.

Start with the source- a better turntable/cart.
i recommend the Lenco L75.
I agree with the earlier posts you will probably hear the most improvement if you upgrade your phono pre and/or your turntable and cartridge. IMHO you will likely have to move farther up in $ in the source area than in the phono pre area to hear similar improvement. Therefore I would suggest moving up in phono pre first. With your MMF 2.1 there are any number of good pre-amps under say $500 - at the low end the NAD pp-2 or the Cambridge Audio 540 or 640 p. A good used and somewhat older model that can be found in the $200-300 range is the Acurus p-10. A little higher and you have tube phono pre the Jolida 9 which can be upgraded in a number of ways including the simply higher end tubes. Then you get the to $500 range and you get to the Pro-ject Tube Box SE mentioned in an earlier post and the options start increasing with the money you are ready to spend. I would start at the low to mid end and you can buy listen and then if you want turnover and move up without a large increase in investment.
Oh yeah, a good record cleaning system is highly recommended. VPI 16.5 has done the trick for many people for many years. Well worth the investment.
I would put a recording cleaning machine as a low-to-no priority. Personally, I prefer the Disc Doctor manual system, supplemented by steam cleaning, as needed. When you clean records manually you can focus on the problem areas and get a better cleaning. With a RCM all areas get the same level of treatment.

Take a look at this thread.
Dear all: Thanks a lot for your great info and emails. Enjoy the music ^_^
Oh, by the way, what's the suggestion on MM or MC? Thanks
For that you'd need to listen to both and see which you like. Some prefer one over the other, some only like one.

For either choice, you need to set aside some of your budget on the cart/phono, and IMO a larger portion for the phono.
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Happy Listening!
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Thanks a lot guys