Glass&Steel and just ugly audio furniture

Glass&Steel and just ugly audio furniture. I'm writing not only because I am a lover of great music and audio gear but as a consumer and an apt owner. I live in the NYC area presently in a studio and by the end of this month I should be moving to a larger one bedroom. I have for years been so very turned off with not so much the quality of audio furniture, but with the very unattractive look of what looks like{I made it in the garage look}.Though I am single without a mouth piece hovering over me. I still enjoy attractive looking furniture with the use of marble and hard woods and that old world charm.Steel&Glass and oak furniture that looks stacked doesn't appeal to my eyes so I have avoided this look and stuck with beautiful and heavy furniture to show off the gear. I know this goes against the grain but I can't get myself to buy a rack that's is built to withstand a seismic tremor of 10 on the rector scale and needs a tire pump to activate. I ask how many of you Goners have done the same with using of heavy furniture. Or is it just me and my turn of the century taste that keeps me from the standard glass&steel and ugly rack look.
I'm with you, stuff is UGLY. No reason you can't use some very nice furniture or have something made. I have been mulling replacing my temporary rack for the last 4 yrs!! I have worked with a metal shop to build a rack to hold thick pieces of granite. I need to finally go in and get the go ahead.

Excellent post, I think it's funny when you see a room on here with $150,000 in audio gear, and $500 in furniture, except for the $2000 isolation rack. It's just not that important to a lot of folks on here. If you worry about how your Wilson's/Clearaudio/ARC/VTL gear sounds, please get with a furniture maker in your area to make it look good too.

Well, unless your wife says you don't have to, then don't worry about it.
With 'no mouth piece hovering over you', choices are much easier. Glass & Steel are out, entirely. While there are good choices in wood audio furniture, like those on the CayinUSA site, they tend to be expensive since none are produced in any volume. Best to look at mainline furniture companies where volume gets the price lower. To dress it up, and possible use of a TT, put a granite top on it, quarter inch will do and if necessary you can float it on spikes to further isolate it. Custom cut polished granite can be had for about $40 a square foot. Lastly, stay away from metal.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Concrete blocks and 2x4's rule!!!!! Now go tap that keg!!!!!
I worked in a hifi shop and the glass racks were a nightmare to keep clean. I would never own glass racks or tables. Salamander racks are not bad. Get the perf sides and it helps hide the cords. Rixrax makes real nice racks if you have a big budget.
I bought some very nice solid wood and granite stands from Andy at Very nice stuff, reasonably priced.
Think that's why Salamander did so well with Synergy line (I sold it for a few years while working in a shop).Decent appearance and adjustable shelves.But for SOUND nothing IMHO beats mass and that why I like Sound Anchor.Who cares if it looks like it belongs in your mechanics shop if the speaker stands and racks with some maple make it sound better.I see a lot of fancy aluminum and glass stuff (don't like sound of glass) which is waaaaaay overpriced so you can get ugly and ripped off at same time!!!!.So I'd say check Salamander Synergy for convenience if not sonics.You can get some isolation points and cups and if you can adjust the shelves it can fit.Me I'd rather the heavy iron of Sound Anchor.But then again my house makes the Gaza strip look like Palm Springs.
agree, try shopping in unexpected places, like antique stores, art galleries, pawn shops many great ideas to be found by re-using a bookshelf, credenza, buffet or hand made eary american bakers rack, etc. Get useful ideas by looking through a interior designers catalog. HGTV even has a show where they re-purpose items in new and inventive ways by painting, papering, distressing etc. It is your space and you can take it into a new direction by thinking outside the box, keep your eyes open for new ways to use what you find around you. Good Luck.