Stainless Steel columns for speaker stands

I'm looking for two 18" polished stainless steel columns 4" in diameter for speaker stands I'm building. Basically two tubes open both ends. Anyone with any information would
be much appreciated.

Restaurant supply houses will sell 4" chrome tubes for table bases. Stainless is impossible to mount/work with/drill or cut. Chrome will work better.
or you can buy 4" diam stainless steel tubing at a metal supply house. It does cut more difficultly than carbon steel but not a big deal. just order cut lengths. there will be options on the wall thickness.
The stainless steel tube will only be cosmetic. It will go over a 3.5" hardwood post with a black rubber gaskets on the base and under the top plate. It will match a low level granite slab with 2.5" diameter polished stainless steel legs that I bought via the internet 3 years ago. I can't for the life of me remember where I got them. Hence the need for help.

Do you know how expensive the stainless will be? Outrageous for custom stainless. Get aluminum sheets, wrap it yourself and seal it in the back or have a local metal shop wrap the wood for you. They may even have a better idea.
Elevick, for 18" length I'm hoping for $100 for the two. I don't think I will spend alot more.
The table legs are 2.5" by 14" were about $18 a pop.
Check .They got anything under the Sun.
Thanks George,
What a site, complete with photoshop created images.
I Love it. Thats the good news, the bad news is that they want my budget for one tube.
As luck would have it, I called a metal fabricator locally and found exactly what I want cut to size with a no.8 finish for $150 for both tubes. If interested, I'll post a photo of the stands when finished.