Gentle Giant Remasters

Anyone out there picking up the new remasters. Just wondering if there are alot of fans. I know I am enjoying the first two that I have been able to grab.
I have a Gentle Giant refigerator magnet, guess I'm a fan eh? Saw them in 1976 at the Tower in Philadelphia, one of my top concert experiences.
Picked up Power and the Glory remaster, since I didn't have that one. Wasn't wowed enough with the sonics to replace my original CD copies of Acquiring, Free Hand, Glass House or Octopus. Still have my GG LP's, one of these days I'll plunge back into vinyl. Just don't relish the thought of all that cleaning, brushing, clicks and pops.
The Giant in a box DVD that recently came out is fantastic.
Also picked up the recently released ELP DVD 'from the beginning'. Disappointing, there's only about 20 minutes of good early ELP footage. Too much footage of the band when it was in decline, after Brain Salad Surgery.
I have Freehand and it sounds good. I have read that In a Glass House is not as good as the remaster with the cardboard sleeve.
I picked up Free Hand and Interview. Both sound quite good, especially Free Hand but my original copy that I purchased in 1975 on vinyl still sounds better. The live extra track on each disc is middlin serving only to validate that they could pull off their arrangements live.
I bought In a Glass House and it sounds o.k. I mean it doesn't say if it is 20 or 24 bit on mine.