Garland Jeffreys / "The King of In Between"

I was listening to "The Loft" station on XM Radio the other day and heard a song called "Streetwise" by Garland Jeffreys. I liked it so much I bought the CD entitled "The King of In Between" and found it to be very, very good. I had not heard of Jeffreys before so I was surprised to learn he's been around since the '70's! If there are other fans out there I'd appreciate recommendations as to some of his other good earlier works. If you have not heard of Jeffreys you owe it to yourself to check him out!
'ghost writer' and 'escape artist' are two of my favorite cds of all time. i saw that gj just released a new cd and i immediatly bought it and am enjoying it. i saw him in kansas city in the early 80s and he is a hidden gem imo. not exactly audiophile fare but great rock with the nyc street energy. check out some reviews on amazon for more details. the cd 'ghost writer' has been rereleased on a 3 cd compilation. thanks for the post...
I would second Escape artist. I am really glad you started this thread becase I forgot I have this LP from 1981. It is really good and a must R&R album. Amazon has the CD.
Ditto Ghostwriter.
the cd "don,t call me buckwheat" is good but start with the two aforementioned ones i'd suggest.
Love his redux of "96 Tears"