Judy Garland

I would appreciate recommendations for the best Judy Garland recordings that are on cd. Thanks.
At Carnegie hall this is it, great performance from a female singer and entertainer without peer.Just listen to her sing you go to my head.
It's pricey and pretty hard to find, but the DCC Gold edition of "At Carnegie Hall" is a great representation of her work. And the sound quality is superb.
I third the Carnegie Hall CD (there are two discs, actually, in the Steve Hoffman DCC set). Hoffman did an incredible job, even though the limitations of the master tapes must have been more formidable than if the concert were recorded a few years ago. Just stunning from both a sonic and an engineering perspective.
Hey, talk about Consensus...Carnegie Hall...you starting to feel it?
Thanks. Carnegie Hall it is. Anything else?
Yes avoid Liza like the plague.
Hey Papertrail,
I was in a UPS store yesterday shipping out audio equipment sold on Audiogon...and on a shelf...was the original Wizard of Oz viny album...the guy that posted it died and the store was "stuck with it." Imagine that...
Mcpody, wonder what happens in such a case? And by the way, "Carnegie Hall" is worth every penny.