Movie "Crazy" life story of Hank Garland

just checked this out from the library after a friend turned me onto Hank Garland, Nashville session player from the late 50's turned jazz player. His music & this movie most recommended!
I have some of his records,but don't really know his story.What is the title of this film?
Thanks,will try to locate this film.There was a previous thread which touched on his work with Boots Randolph on the LP "Hip Boots".Found that LP in a thrift store,but wasn't overly impressed with Boots.The solo LP by Garland with the sports car on the cover was impressive.Thanks again.
I saw it a few weeks ago and was pretty disappointed with it overall, though I was interested in the story. The man left quite a mark on American music of the time. I listen to that solo album (with a young Gary Burton and Joe Morello) a good bit.

Usually I love musical biopics, even the really cheesy ones (there are many of those), but for some reason this one didn't click with me. As they say, YMMV.