GamuT CD 1 R inquiry

The Absolute Sound gives the GamuT Cd-1 an "Editor's Best Buy" status, with an impressive review. A primary issue with the player is that there is "a low frequency roll-off
audible in systems that extend below 40 hz."

I have heard posts to the contrary. Does anyone have an
opinion as to this player's ability, and in particular, it's low frequency capability?

The newer version, the CD-1R, is better-looking, in my opinion, with a faceplate available in silver color. Is
the player an improvement otherwise? How is Gamut's reliability and customer service? Thanks!
I placed an order for the CD1 and then it was delayed because of the demand and got the CD1R instead.

I was worried about the review but my NHT 3.3's which go down to ~23hz didn't miss a thing and it is an extremely musical player with excellent pace.

Yeah the Absolute sound pictures are ugly.. mine is all silver (no Gold) with a green display versus the red.. The only disappointing thing is that the remote sucks.. kinda like a Cal Labs remote.. you can't find play or track skip by feel... but it does have remote eject.. minor since I use a pronto instead.

I also considered 508.24, Wadia 301, 860, etc. Sony SACD 777
Hello ,
Yes I also own the new CD1R & enjoy it much but let me put it this way so you can make your own choice :
pro > simple design (good look )
> fast operation & smooth no problem so far on days & night
> sonic well extended high but bass depend if the material is simple ,for more complicate passage (group type or piano it's more difficult to reproduceclearly (cloudy)
> need a good tube amp to get the mid range sound better
> need a good power cord to get the sound focus .
> need a good conditoner PSAudio or Magic audio Sealth to get that edgee 'little digital"(better than other player) noise off .
> need a better interconnector to get the airy sound out ;theplayer is on the warm side .
> lesser sonic impact (toword mid-low )when compare to
say CDplayer with vol. control built in & direct connection to power amp.
> very very poor remote .(almost home made or in the '70)
> if you try to open be careful the hex screws easily stripped because for poor quality(I think_)
> internally is not very well shield because it cause my TV hiering pattern when it's on !!
> require long time to warm up or just as well leave the unit on since the off swicth is at the back.
> finally it still sound has a glare in between the speaker in the mid range vocal (yes mean is a small glare )
> also cannot resolve complicate musical passage say all the mid to low bass notes of the piano (when compare to player of $5000++
> missing aninternal vol control so you will need a very good preamp or say Placete Audio paasive vol control
> By the time you add upall the $$ you may as well put another 2000$ to get a tube MF or used Accuphase 75V or Wadia ....
good luck ..jsk

Actually the unit as shown in TAS with the gold faceplate with silver looks very nice in-person....really!! It is a very cool looking player. I happen to really dig the blue light...others may not. I had the same concerns about looks, but after actually seeing the player I was pleasantly surprised. Photos do not do it justice at all IMO.

The bass is excellent....if you don't believe me or others, believe the Stereophile review and the other reviews which make no mention of it. It is a non-issue, including the sub bass. Remember that HP of TAS is comparing it (the sub bass) to some players like the Burmeisters that cost tens of thousands and with equipment that can reproduce those sonic differences.

The GamuT will sound really great with a modest power cord like the Audience PC. I picked one up for $220 here.

One advantage of the GamuT is that you can use balanced XLR type connection. It is surprising the number of players in the price range that don't have XLR. I've done the comparisons, and I definitely prefer balanced. Another advantage is that when using a passive pre, the SE RCA output is 4 volts as well which may be useful.

SLK comments are confusing:

shielding - the chassis is fairly thick stainless steel, I have my CD-1 next to my TV on the same circut without any power filtration and have no issues. I DO have issues with my TV when I plug in my Sony "piece of crap" SACD player into the chain.

sonic impact - it is very unusual for someone to state that sonic impact is LESS with an active pre vs direct or with a passive.

conjestion, resolve complex material, etc. - nonsense. All the $2000 to $3000 players are excellent including the GamuT, and this was not noted in any review or comments I have ever seen, again a first.

the remote - is cheap, but I actually like it.

If you do buy a GamuT, please dont plug it into a PS Audio product unless the trade-offs are worth it.

I wonder why you say don't plug into PS Audio product.
I have a CD-1 coming and was going to plug it into an ulitmate outlet. No, why not?