Bluenote Stibbert mkII versus Gamut Cd-1

I currently have the Gamut Cd-1 which I feel is a great player for the money. My local dealer who also carries Gamut feels like the Stibbert is a big step up from the Gamut. If you have experience with both players I would love to hear you're opinion.
Taters, There are some great mods for the CD-1.Contact Lloyd Walker for the silver wire and silver RCAs.The digital ribbons can be treated with a contact enhancer-makes a large difference in the sound.Male portions only,and you'll need a good magnifier.
I owned the CD1 and auditioned the Stibbert in my house. IMO, the Stibbert is most definitely a big step up from the CD1. YMMV, that is why you should try to listen to the Stibbert in your own system if possible.